Q. How do I delete Shopping products?

This exam­ple will describe how to delete  prod­ucts from the “Gro­ceries” prod­uct cat­e­gory in the Shop­ping topic. This process is the same for every other prod­uct cat­e­gory in the Shop­ping topic.
  • From the Life­Topix home view, tap on Shopping
  • Tap on Con­fig­ure Products
  • In the Cat­e­gories for Prod­ucts sec­tion, tap on Groceries
  • To delete, for exam­ple, the Bananas entry, you can either:
    1. swipe left or swipe right on the Bananas cell, then tap the red Delete but­ton that appears in the right side of the Bananas cell
    2. tap Bananas and then, on the result­ing detail view for Bananas, tap on the trash can icon in the lower right of the view


  1. Jim
    Feb 22, 2012


    Love the prod­uct, espe­cially now that cross device sync works quite well with iCloud. I would like to pass com­ment of one thing I find frus­trat­ing though: when adding an item (such as a note) the top left but­ton says ‘Done’, how­ever, in most instances it doesn’t mean ‘Done’ it actu­ally means ‘can­cel’. I have lost a num­ber of notes by acci­den­tially press­ing the top left ‘Done’ but­ton. The app would cer­tainly ben­e­fit from some sort of yes/no con­fir­ma­tion box when it is pressed and if the item has been changed. Pos­si­bly alter the text on the but­ton if the con­tent has changed also would be a nice touch.

    Keep up the good work though.


    • LifeTopix Support
      Feb 22, 2012

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks very much for the feed­back. We have got­ten a lot of var­ied opin­ions from users as to whether that word should “Done” or “Back” or some­thing else.

      What­ever word we end up going with, start­ing in the next release (4.1), we’ll be going through the prod­uct to make sure that the word­ing on the but­ton is appro­pri­ate for its con­text. We’ll also be adding a con­fir­ma­tion popup so that if you tap that but­ton after you have changed some data, it will let you know that you have changed data and ask you whether you want to “save and close” or just “close”.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

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