You can import a shopping list from a CSV file using the following format rules and steps:
1. Use the following Column headings (case-insensitive and headers can appear in any order): Shopping List Name, Product Name, Seller Name, Unit Price, Unit, Quantity, Total Cost
2. The following columns are mandatory (required fields): Shopping List Name, Product Name and Seller Name
3. The CSV file name must start with “ShoppingListItems” (case-sensitive) and have an extension, “.csv”.
4. Create the file as described above and email the file as an attachment to an email address that you can access from the default email program on your Apple device.
5. Open the email by using your Apple device.
6. Tap the file attachment in the email and then, tap-and-hold it.
7. Choose your LightArrow app from the list of apps that appear to import the list.
8. Accept the download in your LightArrow app.

Note that the “Unit” column value is a Category (as seen under Settings > Manage Categories > Shopping Item Units). If you enter a new category in the CSV file under “Unit” column, then it would be created. If you use an existing category name, that shopping item will be linked with that category object.