The Pro InBox in-app purchase provides this functionality. You can also find out more information about Pro.Inbox with this link: My Inboxes Help 

Here are instructions for how you setup your email feed account.

1. Tap the Feed Accounts tile in the My Inboxes view
2. Tap Add Email Account.
3. Pick your email provider from the popup.
4. Type a name to dis­play (on the new tile that this process cre­ates) as a title in the email in the Name field.
5. Type your email (Email field), pass­word (Pass­word field).
6. Tap Save.

After you setup your email feed account, you can tap on the default feed tile for that account (or create new ones) in order to see the emails in that account, and then convert email messages into actionable items such as tasks, events, quick inbox items, notes, projects, trips, visitors, products etc. (depending on which topics you have). You can also reply, delete, etc.

A helpful blog post: Create Actionable Data from Email, Web and Social Streams

The post is for the Pro.Inbox app, but the same functionality is available in LifeTopix, My.Agenda and Pro.Calendar via the “Pro Inbox Pack” in-app purchases.