One of the unique aspects that our Evernote/Toodledo note integration provides is the ability to use a Evernote/Toodledo note (by sync’ing it to a local note) within the context of any topic object. For example, you can have a Project or an Event or a Service Provider or a Trip in LifeTopix that contains a Evernote/Toodledo note with appropriate location, context tags, categories, etc., just like a local note.

Online Notes sync process currently is manual. It only happens on a per note basis when you open a synced note and save it in LifeTopix.

You can sync online notes using either of the following:

1. Evernote/Toodledo note folder-level sync using the “Sync All” button (“My Topics” –> “Notes “+ Files –> “Online Notes” –> <Evernote/Toodledo Note Folder> –> “Sync All”). This action will sync all of the notes in that online Evernote/Toodledo note folder.

2. Individual note-level sync by using the Evernote/Toodledo button in the note detail view.

3. Individual note-level sync by triggering an implicit note sync by saving an already sync’ed online note from the note detail view.

Evernote note sync keeps the content in Evernote and displays the thumbnail of the evernote note in the online note body and syncs the title.

Toodledo note sync syncs the text content and displays the text content in the online note body.

Also, if you have the “Pro Inbox Pack” in-app for LifeTopix, in the inboxes view, you can search Evernote notes by configuring Evernote feeds. On the Evernote feed configuration view you can configure the feed to search by notebook, text, and tags.  Also, we support the Evernote search grammar ( for the search field in the Evernote feed detail view.