Our app does not directly sync with Google calendar, but we let you view, create, and edit and them directly from within our app’s Agenda and various Calendar views (Day, Week, Month, Year).  If your Google account is included in the iOS Calendar app, all its items (and other iOS Calendar items) are included along with all the items created in our app in the views. You can find the Google instructions here: Setup Google Sync With Your iOS Device.

If the Google calendar is writable (not readonly) and you set it as the default calendar in our app then items (such as tasks, projects, reminders, event, etc.) created in our app will result in a corresponding calendar event being added to the Google calendar (via the iOS Calendar app).  These items in our app and their corresponding linked events in the Google calendar will be sync via the iOS Calendar app.

The Agenda/Calendar views in our apps give you a complete picture of all items in our app – including items natively in our app (tasks, appointments, projects, trips etc.) as well as items from your iOS Calendar and iOS Reminders apps. We also allow you to convert your iOS Calendar items (including Google ones) from our Agenda and Calendar views into other types within the app such as tasks, appointments, trips, etc. Our Search view, in addition to searching through items in our app, also has the ability to search and locate events in your iOS Calendar in the next 30 days.

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