In your LightArrow app, you can set repeat schedules for appointments, tasks, payments, and events.  Appointments are typically used for something small like a dentist visit or lunch.  Events are intended for larger occasions and is something you typically attend or host.  Recurring payments can be configured for bills such as monthly rent or paying car insurance each month.

How to:

This example will show how to set up a recurring appointment for a dentist checkup.  Routine dental checkups are typically scheduled every 6 months.

Step 1: In the Appointment view tap the repeat schedule field at the bottom of the view


Step 2: In the Schedule view tap the “Repeat Every” field and set it to 6 months.




Step 3: Specify the number of occurrences.   By default the max is set to 12 occurrences.
For resource reasons we place a limit on the number of occurrences that can be created.  You can go to “Settings” —> “My Settings” and under the “Repeat Schedules” section specify the maximum number allowed.


Step 4: To see what would be generated you can tap field, “Tap to preview from settings above”.


Step 5: Tap the Save button in the upper right hand corner.