This is a glossary of common items in LifeTopix.

Context tags go across types of things – for example, I can give the context tag of “Family” to a trip, a note, a project, a task, a log item, etc. You’d typically use context tags to loosely identify all items of different types associated in some way (for example, “2013 Resolutions”, or “Self Improvement’). You can access them together in the My Contexts view.

Categories are within a topic type – project categories, service categories, note categories, etc.

A task is something you plan to (optionally by a due date) – clean garage, organize DVDs, create LifeTopix glossary, etc. You can also track effort, stat and end times. Tasks may be standalone, or part of a project (many tasks in a landscape project), a trip (get shots, book tickets, book hotel), etc.

A checklist is a list of things like Books to Read, Movies to Watch, Daily Routine, etc where each item is something you simply check off. Some users do create checklists for all the things then want to do in a given week (like a to do list, instead of creating tasks). Other users put a checklist like Daily Routines into their Agenda view so that it is easily accessible, showing how many things are checked off. For example, if you are on a trip to Napa, you could create a checklist called Wineries to Visit and check them off as you go.

A log item is something you track over time in LifeTopix in the Health + Activity topic. Examples are things like weight, allergies, cardio, multi-vitamins, alcohol intake, etc. Log items can be combined into log forms for easier entry.

An event is something like a birthday party, a baby shower, a graduation events, etc. that you are either hosting or attending. You can associate shopping, tasks, checklists, notes, services (catering, for example) with an event.

A project is a long running sequence of tasks (kitchen remodel, landscape improvements, pool construction, etc) and can contain services, tasks, notes, checklists, etc.

A service is something you typically use and pay for, provided by a service provider. Examples of services are physicals, eye exams, plumbing, gardening, house cleaning, catering, pest control, internet, TV, etc. Providers are the company or people that deliver that service to you. You can associate bill payments with services, whether recurring or occasionally. You can associate tasks, appointments, notes, reminders, etc .with services.