What Are the Limitations in the Trial?

We have attempted to give you the full functionality of the main app so that you can get a feel for it, how it works, what it does, etc. before purchasing the real app. The trial version of LifeTopix has some limitations including:

  1. Total number of meaningful items is 25. You can delete some items to create more. Under Settings, the Update Advisor for the trial version gives you more information on how many items you have in the app.
  2. Sync is not supported in the trial version.
  3. Backups are supported, but not restore.

How Do I Carry Over My Trial Data?

Do a Full Online Backup to Dropbox.

Install the real app.

Do a Full Online Restore after pointing to the same Online Folder used for the backup from the trial.

After that, you can delete the trial version.