Once you’ve signed-in to Toodledo (using the sign-in button) in the Online Tasks view, this view shows all the Toodledo task folders. After you tap on a Toodledo task folder, you’ll be able to view all tasks for that folder, and you can either sync them one-by-one (by tapping on the cloud icon on each cell) or sync them all (by tapping on the “Sync All” button). This creates the local tasks that are linked (and synced) to their Toodledo task counterparts.

It is also possible to sync an individual task in our app to Toodledo using the sync button in the Task detail view. This action creates a new task in Toodledo using the local task and links the local task to the Toodledo task.

The Toodledo sync process is currently a manual process. We sync to Toodledo when saving an already sync’ed Task or by using the sync button in the online tasks –> Toodledo folder –> sync.
When a task is synced with Toodledo task, we create a local task that has the same behavior as a regular task in our app as far as how it appears on the Calendar (if the task has due/start dates).