Q. What are touchpoints?

Touch­points are the out-of-the-box con­nec­tions that allow rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion to be shared across top­ics in LifeTopix.

For exam­ple, if an event you are host­ing requires you to buy some items,  then you can spec­ify that infor­ma­tion directly while you are defin­ing the event. That infor­ma­tion will then be acces­si­ble from within the event in Life­Topix Events as well as from your shop­ping list in Life­Topix Shopping.

Hier­ar­chi­cal cat­e­gories play a major role in enabling touch­points in Life­Topix. For exam­ples, under the topic Health + Activ­ity, there is a touch­point (Health­care Providers) to Ser­vice Providers of cat­e­gory Health­care and its child categories.

A com­pre­hen­sive descrip­tion of all the touch­points between top­ics can be found on the Life­Topix page of the LightAr­row web site.


  1. Herb
    Dec 13, 2013

    I am a new user but have already wel­comed the ben­e­fits of your app in my every­day work/life. One sug­ges­tion I have is to allow users (me) to cre­ate our own touch­points across Life­Topix. I would sug­gest a mas­ter list of cat­e­gories (some out-of-the-box with the abil­ity for users to cre­ate their own) that the user to place into the dif­fer­ent Life­Topix and asso­ci­ated cat­e­gories. I have sev­eral “touch­points” I’d like to set up which cross the Life­Topix bound­aries and would pre­fer man­ag­ing them from a cen­tral­ized loca­tion. I’d even pay a pre­mium to have this capa­bil­ity (per­haps a Pro User level) if your con­cern is mak­ing the app too daunt­ing for new­bies. While you are at it, per­haps you could allow the “pro” user to also delete N/A touchpoints.

    • Team LightArrow
      Dec 14, 2013


      Thank you for reach­ing out to us with your kind words and suggestions.

      As you have noted below, touch­points are very pow­er­ful and advanced fea­tures in our Apps. We have care­fully con­sid­ered var­i­ous aspects of link­ing the 12 top­ics and cre­ated these touch­points across our 12 topics.

      We do have a mas­ter list of cat­e­gories that are avail­able out-of-the-box. Most cat­e­gories can be edited, renamed, or deleted. Only cat­e­gories that are used as “touch­points” can­not be renamed or deleted. A cat­e­gory that is used as a touch­point has a pad­lock on the icon to indi­cate to you that it can­not be renamed or deleted.
      We also allow users to add their own new cat­e­gories and sub-categories as well.

      We also pro­vide the abil­ity to link exter­nal con­tent (out­side Life­Topix) to exist­ing Life­Topix Topic Objects (Project, Event, Trip, etc.). For exam­ple, the fol­low­ing exter­nal online con­tent can be asso­ci­ated with Life­Topix Topic Objects.
      1. Ever­note or Too­dledo Note
      2. Google or Too­dledo Task
      3. Asana Project/Task
      4. Dropbox/GDrive/Box/SkyDrive Files

      The pow­er­ful online inte­gra­tions fea­tures in Life­Topix also allow you to man­age your online files, online notes and online tasks from within our App.

      We would love to know more about the kinds of new and cus­tom touch­points you would like to cre­ate in Life­Topix. If you don’t mind would you please give us more spe­cific sce­nar­ios for the fea­tures you would like to see?

      Please reach out to us via email (sup­port [at] lightar­row [dot] com).

      Team LightArrow

  2. Shannon
    Dec 03, 2013

    I would like to attach a photo to the cal­en­dar. I’ve had sev­eral items that would have been a lot faster to click on a pic of info. than type it in man­u­ally.
    Also, the way you set dates and times — on the rolling wheel thing — it takes a lot of time and is easy to go ahead a num­ber then behind a num­ber. Can it be a click down box or just type it in? Is there a place to search help to bring up writ­ten text that I can read ( not a video) on a sub­ject? exam­ple — touch­points — I dis­cov­ered this acci­den­tally. — or I have to hunt throught the out­line top­ics to look for some­thing. Any­way, Let me know. I know you’re not like Burger King — order every­thing my way. LOL What­ever help you can give is appre­ci­ated. :)


    • Team LightArrow
      Dec 04, 2013

      Hi Shan­non,

      Thank you for reach­ing out to us with your suggestions.

      The My Cal­en­dar view has fil­ter options for show­ing photo, video, draw­ing and audio items. They are shown based on their time­stamp (when the item was cre­ated). In the future, we’ll allow a cus­tomiz­able date/time tag on those items to show them at a dif­fer­ent time in the cal­en­dar (like we do with notes today).

      We are always look­ing at ways to improve the app includ­ing the date picker. We will inves­ti­gate other options that will improve the user expe­ri­ence when set­ting dates.

      In our next update we are improv­ing our help sys­tem in many ways includ­ing pro­vid­ing more help while in context.

      We depend on our engaged users, such as your­self, to help us improve our prod­uct with great feed­back. Please do not hes­i­tate to reach out to us with any ques­tions, issues or sug­ges­tions you may have.

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow

  3. RickJ
    Apr 01, 2013

    Is it pos­si­ble to set any alarms for reminders?
    Is it pos­si­ble to set more than one alarm like two alarms?

    • LifeTopix Support
      Apr 02, 2013

      Hi Rick,

      Thank you for reach­ing out to us with your question.

      We add local Life­Topix noti­fi­ca­tion alerts when cer­tain types are added as well as add an entry in the device cal­en­dar with an alert set as well. We cur­rently only set one alert for an item but we are plan­ning to sup­port mul­ti­ple alerts in the future. Is this the type of alert you are refer­ring to?

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

  4. dan
    Mar 15, 2012

    i think that a “touch point” should be able to link any info to any and all info at any and all times a “con­nect to all data” button

    • LifeTopix Support
      Mar 16, 2012

      Hi Dan,

      That is an inter­est­ing idea. Every release, we are adding touch­points as we think they make sense.

      The only thing that holds us back from just allow­ing an “every­thing to every­thing” approach that you sug­gest is that Life­Topix can become a bit daunt­ing to the new user if there is too much flex­i­bil­ity. That, and the fact that we have to main­tain an orderly data model so that we can grace­fully han­dle things like release upgrades across mul­ti­ple devices for a user who is using iCloud Sync, etc. mean we have to be very mea­sured in these types of connections.

      Given the fact that some con­nec­tions do not make sense (e.g. no one would con­nect a Host­ing Even to an Attend­ing Event, etc.) we have cho­sen to add them as we go along.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow.

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