Affected App Versions:

  • LifeTopix 9.2
  • LightArrow Organizer (Mac and iOS) 1.2
  • My.Agenda 4.1
  • Pro.Calendar 2.1

iOS Media Item Detail

  • From Photo fat cell you can set context tags, but cannot do that from the photo detail view.
  • From Video fat cell you can set context tags, but cannot do that from the video detail view.
  • Drawing detail – Support association tile


  • Change order in location tile popup menu so that “Show/Specify on Map” is the top item.
  • Added Directions menu item to Locations popup menu that launches Apple Maps or Google  Maps with directions to the specified location.


  • Calendar support for displaying Goal Log items
  • Calendar support for displaying Goal items.

Contact Filter

  • Contact Filters – support “Not Set” option

UI/UX Improvements

  • iOS – Add support for swipe delete for iOS Calendar events.
  • iOS – Checklist – Quickly add checklist items by entering name in textfield and tapping return key.
  • iOS – Places listview launched from the Places tile in a detail view shows the default icon even if the Place has a custom image.
  • iOS – When bringing up help from the Help menu item the presented web window should have the option to view in browser.
  • iOS – Media –> Audio/ ‘Photos’ / ‘Video’ / ‘Drawings’ albums views need to be converted to Fat cells (These views still show the i button in the table cells).
  • Mac/iOS – Pro Checklist:  When adding any item that has a due date like task for example to a checklist, set the due date of that item to what the checklist due date is set to.
  • Mac/iOS – Add the Print button to the Multiple Contexts view.
  • Mac/iOS – Allow bulk delete of overdue items (Mac/iOS)
  • Mac/iOS – Add ability to share bookmarks.
  • Mac/iOS –  Appointment needs to be broken out into its own line in My Settings for calendar settings (it’s bundled in Other right now)
  • Mac/iOS –  Add capability to send all tasks associated with a person via an email.
  • Mac/iOS –  [Implemented the print options – Numbered or Bulleted] CUSTOMER REQUEST – Print Improvements.
  • Mac/iOS – Add support for configuring the numberOfDays for Contact emails (to resolve the errors when the email search takes forever to return for IMAP servers with fewer resources – See Claud customer’s issue)
  • Mac/iOS – Ability to view the Title photo of a topic object by tapping on it  
  • Mac/iOS – Support date-only mode for Task start and end dates (just like Task due date)

iOS Security

  • Add support for touch id to access secure data

iOS Dashboard

  • Added a settings option to specify the default view the dashboard should open up to when the app is first launched. There is an option for the modern and class dashboards depending on the current dashboard setting.

Mac Online Document Vendor Support

  • OneDrive support for Mac – Backup/Restore, Sync, Files, Folders, etc.
  • Box support for Mac – Backup/Restore, Sync, Files, Folders, etc.

Defect Fixes

  • Mac/iOS – Performance improvements made to the Agenda view for Overdue items.
  • iOS – Fix for some apps not being able to be authenticated against their Google account.
  • Mac – Date fields now correctly initialized.
  • Mac – Clicking the ‘+’ icon to add items to the Agenda view now correctly initializes the date fields in the quick add control.
  • iOS – “Recently Updated” view.  On the filter if only Bookmark is checked the bookmarks and folders show up in the list.  Folders should have a separate filter item.
  • iOS – Make sure you have some applicable statuses defined for Contacts. Contacts topic view > Custom Data > Contact Log Form Detail view > Tap on the Applicable Statuses tile > The applicable statuses popup has no (category) icons for the individual statuses – Note that the Mac app has the icons for these applicable contact statuses.
  • iOS – Tested on iPhone 4s simulator.  Expand the “Assets, Finances & Shopping” card.  The tile “Other Payment Templates” the text is slightly covered up by the tile icon.
  • iOS – When browsing online folder the back arrow doesn’t work for one drive and box vendors.
  • iOS –  [Also fixed other detail views like checklist, task, service, expense, file, etc.] Photo detail tile for Associated Topic is using the Context Tag icon
  • Mac – Make area around checkbox on far right in cells non-clickable so that when a user accidentally misses the checkbox when clicking then the detail of the item will not be opened.
  • Mac – For detail views the tile view’s height calculation was slightly off, and would create a space between the tiles and the Associated Items section.
  • Mac – The user can bring up unlimited number of popups using the + button in the Accordion View. Same thing happens for the Quick Add (+) button too when you repeatedly click on the same button..!
  • Mac – For mac when you view a file from the dashboard the blank appointment detail opens in a modal window.
  • Mac – On Contact Filter configure view if you add a criteria and select an attribute that is text response type, and then select “Is Empty” for the “Operator”.  Then click the “Set” button and you incorrectly get a validation error message.
  • Mac – When in bulk delete mode in the Overdue view the All checkbox is overlapping with the view title.
  • Mac – (Cannot reproduce consistently) **:  Crash – Global Quick Add > Goal > Close the Quick Add Panel > CMD-Tab to another Mac application > LightArrow Mac App Crashes!
  • Mac – After adding a checklist item with return the text field should be cleared.
  • Mac – Hot list -> Add a task list. View the task list. From the pin icon on the task list un hot list the item. Note that the item is removed from the hostlist view but the task list does not close.
  • Mac – Contact View email with multiple addresses
  • Mac/iOS – Log Item Detail view – The user is unable to change default values for a log item when using “yes/no” response type (CUSTOMER REPORTED ISSUE)
  • Mac/iOS – [Supported Task & Appointments only – as others require more info than just title] – Export a checklist that has task, appointments, reminder, etc added to the checklist.  Then import the CSV,  and the items get imported as plain list items.
  • Mac/iOS – [Sync with OneDrive:  Create a file reference that uses an online folder on Mac, and then sync it to an iOS device, I get an error message when I try to open it on my iPad.  Error message, “The selected file could not be downloaded.  Verify that you are logged into the containing online folder.”
  • Mac – If no Inbox email accounts are not setup and you click on view emails from a person detail view, you get a “No Email Inbox Accounts Setup” error message prompt with “Setup Accounts” button. Clicking on the button does nothing and leaves a stack trace in the logs.