NOTE: This help page applies to both LifeTopix (and other classic LightArrow apps) as well as to LightArrow Organizer for iOS and Mac. So, the screenshots and directions may vary slightly based on the app you’re using.


Contact in LightArrow apps is a very rich topic object with many data items in it. This picture gives you an idea of what all it addresses:



This help page goes over what fields are supported when importing a Contact.

When you import a Contact from the iOS Contacts into the LightArrow app the following fields are supported:  Name, Location, Job Title, Company, Email, Phone Numbers, Photo, Birthday, and Anniversary Date.

1.  This example shows how to import a iOS Contact.  From the LightArrow app tap the + button.




2.  Next tap the Contact icon in the Quick Add panel.



3.  From the New Contact view tap “Import from iOS Contacts”.



4.  From the Contacts view you can search for a iOS Contact and then select that contact.  Then tap the Save button.



5.  From the Contact view the Name, Job Title, Company, Photo, Email, Phone Number, Location, Birthday, and Anniversary were added to the Contact.