Launch URLs for Popular Apps

Apps allows you to manage a list of your favorite apps and launch them directly from within your LightArrow app.

When you add a new app to My Apps, it requires a title (e.g. Evernote), a launch URL (e.g., Evernote://) and an App Id which helps in locating the proper icon of the app (e.g., 281796108 for Evernote).

For the benefit of our users, we have created a table of some popular apps on the App Store. Over time, we’ll keep updating it with additional entries. Find the table below.

Our users are welcome to submit the ones they have found as comments to this page and we can update the table.

The information here comes without any guarantees and is meant only as a helpful resource for our users. Listed apps have trademarks owned by their respective vendors.

Popular Apps

A Few Popular Apps. Some of the items in this table are submitted by users.

Title Launch URL App Id
Apple News applenews: Default
Audible Audible:// 379693831
Bing Bing:// 418435837
Box Box:// 290853822
Calendar App (Apple) calshow: Default
Contacts Journal cjournal:// 327685977
DayOne dayone:// 421706526
Documents rdocs:// 295798315
Draw­Some­thing DrawSomething:// 488627858
Dropbox dbapi-1:// 327630330
eBay (universal) eBay:// 282614216
Ever­note Evernote:// 281796108
Face­book fb:// 284882215
Fan­dango Fandango:// 307906541
Find Friends FindMyFriends:// 466122094
Find iPhone fmip1: 376101648
Flickr Flickr:// 328407587
Flip­board Flipboard:// 358801284
Garage­Band GarageBand:// 408709785
Google+ gplus:// 284815942
Google Mail googlegmail:// 422689480
GoodReader gropen:// 363448914
Google Earth kml:// 293622097
Google Photos googlephotos:// 962194608
Handbase Handbase:// 674161727
Hangouts (Google) 643496868
HBOGO HBOGO:// 429775439
iBooks itms-Books:// 364709193
IMDB IMDB:// 342792525
iMovie iMovie:// 377298193
INRIX Traffic inrixtraffic:// 324384027
iThoughts ithoughts:// 369020033
iTranslate itranslate:// 288113403
Kin­dle Kindle:// 302584613
Mail App (Apple) Mailto: Default
Mail App (Apple) message: Default
Mr.Reader mrreader:// 412874834
Music Music:// Default
MyTuner MyTunerRadio:// Default
Notes mobilenotes: Default
OneNote onenote-cmd:// 410395246
OpenTable OpenTable:// 296581815
Pan­dora Pandora:// 284035177
Pay­Pal PayPal:// 283646709
Pho­to­Sync PhotoSync:// 415850124
Photos App (Apple) Photos:// Default
Pin­ter­est Pinterest:// 429047995
Podcasts Podcasts:// 525463029
QuickOffice quickofficedoc:// 578386521
Quora Quora:// 456034437
Red­Laser RedLaser:// 312720263
Remote Remote:// 284417350
Reminders App (Apple) x-apple-reminder:// Default
Safari Default
ScannerPro by Readdle spprint:// 395904807
Score­Cen­ter ScoreCenter:// 317469184
Skype Skype:// 304878510
Sound­Hound SoundHound:// 355554941
Spar­row Sparrow:// 417250177
Spo­tify Spotifiy:// 324684580
SQLed sqled:// 475312085
Trailers App (Apple) movietrailers: 471966214
TuneIn TuneIn:// Default
Twit­ter Twitter:// 333903271
Videos Videos:// Default
Watch itms-watch: Default
Waze Waze:// Default
WSJ WSJ:// 364387007
Yahoo Axis yaxis:// 506520874
Yelp Yelp:// 284910350
YouTube YouTube:// 544007664
Zap­pos Zappos:// 392988420
Zite Zite:// 419752338

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