When you tap Home from the View Selec­tor and the tap Alerts, the Alerts view appears and includes a sum­mary line for any of the fol­low­ing that exist in LifeTopix:

  • over­due tasks
  • incom­plete shop­ping lists for which due dates have passed
  • unpaid bills for which due date has passed

Tap on any sum­mary in the Alerts view to see its details view. To remove an alert, you are required to clear the con­di­tion that des­ig­nated that the alert appear.


  1. Bruce
    Feb 12, 2013

    First of all, this app is fan­tas­tic! It does almost every­thing I need. Almost. Regard­ing alerts, I really need these to be an indi­vid­ual thing and not global as they cur­rently are. What would be ideal is to be able to set an alert in the same man­ner as the IOS cal­en­dar — as in options of min­utes to days and have the abil­ity to wet a sec­ond alert with a dif­fer­ent time inter­val, all of which are unique to the task or item entered.

    Would also be great to have sub projects!

    Thanks again for a great app!

    • LifeTopix Support
      Feb 12, 2013

      Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for the kind words and for reach­ing out to us with your suggestions.

      Alerts and reminders by item is some­thing we have in our plans, most likely later this spring. Sub projects is not some­thing we have con­sid­ered but we have been look­ing at ways to group tasks within projects. Could you give us an exam­ple of how you would use sub projects.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

  2. Kelly
    Feb 02, 2013

    Hi, and thanks for such an incred­i­ble prod­uct. I have a seem­ingly insignif­i­cant prob­lem, but it is actu­ally really hin­der­ing my enjoy­ment in using this app. I like to make a list of tasks to com­plete each day, and see it in the cal­en­dar view, which is all great. First, is there any way to put in tasks with­out a due time? I looked through oth­ers’ ques­tions and it looks like you can’t, but I want to make sure since that would be fan­tas­tic and would prob­a­bly clear every­thing up. It would be great if the tasks still showed up next to the calendar/agenda in month view, like they do cur­rently, but the tasks are not attached to a time or actu­ally show up on the hour by hour cal­en­dar. Related, is it pos­si­ble to dis­able alerts, either for indi­vid­ual tasks or in gen­eral? I really never want an alert for any­thing, and the red num­ber of tasks on my home screen and the flash­ing alerts at these arbi­trary due times I had to make is annoy­ing at best, and often makes me feel stressed as well. Not a feel­ing you want fom a great pro­duc­tiv­ity app! Thank you very much.

    • LightArrow
      Feb 02, 2013

      Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for the kind words, and for for reach­ing out with the issue. We are work­ing on sup­port­ing tasks with due dates with no time. Some­thing to con­sider — in the Agenda view, you can add a to do list (check­list) for daily tasks, and since the list is always avail­able there, you can clear it each day and reuse it. Regard­ing the app icon badge, you can dis­able it from the device Set­tings app by going to Life­Topix, but the alerts count (red cir­cle) in the Home view is not cur­rently con­fig­urable. We’ll come up with a way to do that. Thanks for giv­ing these exam­ples. We’ll try to egt as much of this as pos­si­ble in our 6.0 update (end of Feb­ru­ary).
      Team LightArrow

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