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With 1000s of apps in the App Store, we know it’s dif­fi­cult to decide which app is right for you. When choos­ing an app from LightAr­row, you can be com­fort­able know­ing you are work­ing with a sea­soned team of busi­ness peo­ple, devel­op­ers, and entre­pre­neurs who have pre­vi­ously built suc­cess­ful soft­ware and soft­ware com­pa­nies with the help of happy users.

Our great cus­tomers con­tinue to say amaz­ing things about Life­Topix. Below, we’ve included just a few high­lights of what our cus­tomers are saying.


This is a 6 star app in my esti­ma­tion. I use it more than any other app on my iPhone & iPad. It is so ver­sa­tile and so easy to use. It has replaced my Apple Cal­en­dar in my IOS devices and it syncs with my iMac & Mac­Book devices, so no mat­ter what device I’m using, every­thing is up to date on my cal­en­dar. it also inte­grates the cal­en­dar with my things to do (tasks) so that when I first open a  device I can see today’s sched­ule as well as all the things I need to do… and when the task is done, I just swipe the item and it is crossed out as accom­plished. And it allows me to keep a record of all my future tasks and projects and pri­or­i­tize each any way I’d like. It’s inte­grated with Drop­Box for back­ing up data, which is con­ve­nient. If you are a busy per­son and need to orga­nize your daily life and work, this app is as good as I’ve found on the Apple Store. Get it.

by Lowe­jazz on Mon­day, March 22, 2013 ver­sion 6.0.1


Out­stand­ing, and get­ting bet­ter! The respon­sive­ness of their Cus­tomer Ser­vice is aston­ish­ing… work­ing a issue that I’m sure I caused myself, was resolved nearly real time, ser­vice that you rarely get these days.

A big thumbs up!

by Jilytibrme on Tues­day, March 23, 2013 ver­sion 6.0.1

Thank You!

I have down­loaded this app sev­eral times in the past, but found it too dif­fi­cult to use. When I saw this ver­sion, I tried using it again, and absolutely love it. I don’t need to indi­vid­u­ally open other apps now, can do it all from my apps folder. This ver­sion is very user friendly, and by far, the best app I have seen for pro­duc­tiv­ity. Look for­ward to future updates!

by Helma, Wednes­day, March 27, 2013, ver­sion 6.0.1

Orga­nize Your Entire Life in 1 Place

I’m not gonna lie, the learn­ing curve for this app is a bit steep. BUT, if you stick with it it is absolutely fan­tas­tic. I hon­estly didn’t think an app for a phone could be this robust, com­plete and flex­i­ble. Also, no need to worry about the learn­ing curve as their sup­port is light­ning fast with replies to your ques­tions. If you have a project, or a hec­tic life, or you’re just plain dis­or­ga­nized, this app is the one for you. Every­one can ben­e­fit from using this app. Enjoy!

by Just-wanna-play on Mon­day, Decem­ber 17, 2012 ver­sion 5.1.1

Great app for orga­niz­ing all your per­sonal business!

Com­pre­hen­sive. Health, finances, notes, nutri­tion, Meds, can’t remem­ber it all there is so much here. Well thought out. Very useful!

by SUEJF on Sat­ur­day, Decem­ber 15, 2012 ver­sion 5.1.1

It thinks of everything!

by Mrs. B1 on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 11 2012 ver­sion 5.0.4

One word: “Ultra-Fantastic”


by John Colon on Fri­day, Octo­ber 12 2012 ver­sion 5.0.4

A won­der app, it does all you need for reminder, list, appoint­ments, etc. Highly recommended.

Pos­si­ble Mom Home Man­age­ment App

by Ipadding­mom on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 04 2012 ver­sion 5.0.4

Cus­tomer ser­vice is awe­some!! This is a quickly evolv­ing app and for the bet­ter! The developer’s web­site is full of tips on using the app and being orga­nized in gen­eral. Even though it is not per­fect, I am still drawn to this app. It is one of the bet­ter and use­ful pur­chases I have made from the App Store.

Out­stand­ing All in One product

by Max_dubs on Wednes­day, Octo­ber 03 2012 ver­sion 5.0.4

I haven’t been able to put this app down since I bought it. Every­thing is well thought out from an hier­ar­chi­cal stand­point. It does so much and helps you stay orga­nized with­out hav­ing to open two or three apps. Good job!!

Favorite orga­ni­za­tion app

by Zeezel­top on Wednes­day, Octo­ber 03 2012 ver­sion 5.0.4

I use this app as a per­sonal project orga­ni­za­tional tool. I love it. There are a few things I would like to see changed in the UI, but I still rate it a 5 star app.

Great app and get­ting better

by TMAC77@ on Mon­day, Octo­ber 01 2012 ver­sion 5.0.2

Had this app for a while now but just started to really use it. As I learn more about it I ‘m lik­ing it even more.

Great App

by aleo0110 on Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 30 2012 ver­sion 5.0.4

This is a great orga­ni­za­tion and GTD app.

Best app ever

by Pd0807

I am still sur­prised that this is the only app that does what this app does. But then I have ADHD and PTSD. This app is a life­saver. But even if you don’t, this is by far the most use­ful ever. I have NEVER com­mented on an app before. But I had to on this one. Buy this app, and use it con­sis­tently, and it will change your life…

Wow what an app!!!

by Ben Sim­mons

I’ve looked over this app for months and didn’t down­load it because it didn’t have the flash or flair like other apps I use. Today I decided to check it out and wow was shocked. This is the great­est and most use­ful app in the store. I just spent the entire day orga­niz­ing every­thing and plan­ning which stand­alone apps to delete. I’ve searched and searched for this type of app and it was there all the time, right in front of me.

Seri­ously, One Amaz­ing App
by Alex Bordes

I haven’t com­mented in a very long time, but this app/developer deserves my rec­om­men­da­tion. This app is very, very intri­cate. Almost any topic you may want in a pro­duc­tiv­ity app is here; and not just one rinky-dinky tem­plate for all. This app is tai­lored care­fully to adjust to each topic. I have Omni­fo­cus — for me, its just noth­ing more than an over­priced todo list. Life­Topix let’s you enter any­thing from self-improvement project, which I love, along with goals, to your every­day tasks. From Health top­ics to book­marks, and in a very nice way. And above all, it inte­grates with the cal­en­dar and con­tacts. This is one heavy app.

This is the one!
by Kur­l­eycc

I have been search­ing for this! I have a ton of apps and I get so angry because I spend money on them and they fall short of what I need. Now the test is how much data can I put in it until it explodes! Hop­ing the devel­op­ers are ready for my mess. I just need that app that brings my life together and this looks like it has more that I even brain­stormed on! I am just sur­prised that it didn’t cost more.

The app I’ve been look­ing for!
by Cat002777

This is the type of app I’ve been search­ing for. Absolutely bril­liant and it truly does replace mul­ti­ple apps. I’ve already deleted three other apps as they’re no longer needed because of this one. Incred­i­bly well done!

Life Orga­nized
by George and Jessica

This app is awe­some!!!! I stum­bled upon it in iTunes search­ing for a sim­ple to do man­ager and this is so much more. Instead of solv­ing 1 prob­lem it has solved all of my orga­ni­za­tional needs. I wanted an app for tasks, data­base (for home inven­tory, assets, etc.), online stor­age access, note tak­ing, and more. I was using sev­eral solu­tions and now I use 1 that also works on my iPad.

Fan­tas­tic app, keeps get­ting better
by Sheri­dan Running

Great app, loads and loads of fea­tures; highly cus­tomiz­able, and inte­grates very well highly with iOS cal­en­dar, con­tacts, etc. Very impressed, very pleased.

And, just to be clear: I really like the new look…!:)

10 Stars
by Rael­creve

This is the best app cur­rently avail­able in the app store, the most usable app of it’s kind, blow­ing away the com­pe­ti­tion in mul­ti­ple cat­e­gories it houses fea­tures of at least 12 other apps, for a frac­tion of the price. Tech sup­port is at least as good as Newegg’s. Buy it, love it, LifeTopix.

by oa179

Awe­some pro­gram. It really does replace at least 3 other apps. Try this app and you will see what true orga­ni­za­tion is.

by 3CsMom

I’ve loved this app from the begin­ning and boy do they con­tinue to deliver. Orga­ni­za­tion at it’s finest — keep it com­ing LifeTopix!

Love it
by Allinjoy

Life­Topix is help­ing me orga­nize my home and work life together. Love this app!

Life­Topix 2.0.1

Not only is this one of if not the best app of it’s kind avail­able, the cus­tomer sup­port and pro­gram­mer response is far and above any­thing else in the app store. This is a very well thought out multi-function app. To do list, task, projects, finances, any­thing and every­thing in one app. Easy to use and very flex­i­ble. On top of that true cus­tomer sup­port with awe­some response time. Not only a response, but actual inves­ti­gat­ing to solve the prob­lem with updates on the effort with reports of the antic­i­pated imple­men­ta­tion date. Does it get bet­ter that that! Keep up the awe­some work. Look­ing for­ward to the update(s).

@LightArrowInc via Twitter
by phia1212

Absolutely helps with ADHD!


  1. Taryn
    Mar 26, 2014

    I just have to tell you, I love the team behind this app! Not only have you answered all my ques­tions in a timely and polite fash­ion, but you always made sure to let me know that You appre­ci­ate my ques­tions and ser­vice. Well it’s my turn to tell you guys how much I appre­ci­ate what you do every­day! I love this app. The update has really taken this app to another level and I can’t wait to see what more there is to offer. I can lit­er­ally do a mem­ory dump on my phone and not have to strug­gle to remem­ber dates, todos, bil­lions of user­names from years ago, med­ica­tion names and the list goes on! This speeds up that one appli­ca­tion process where you are asked a never end­ing list of ques­tions that all require exact years and days! Haha. We’ve all been there :) Thanks guys for your time and vision, look­ing for­ward to the what’s next!

    • LightArrow
      Mar 26, 2014


      Thanks so much! You made our day! We look for­ward to all the things we have in the works (some really excit­ing stuff) — we are inspired and fueled by users like you!
      If you ever visit Austin, let us know!

      Best regards,
      Team LightAr­row
      Austin, Texas

  2. Lydia
    Sep 17, 2013

    Not my first praise for Life­Topix but I just keep find­ing ways in which this app really col­lab­o­rates with me to keep tasks, ideas, finances, house­hold and life in great order. I am impressed each and every time I have an idea, drop it in the Inbox, make it a task, appoint­ment or project and it becomes part of my day to day exis­tence. Kudos to your team: mag­nif­i­cent sup­port, infor­ma­tion and function.

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  4. R Bowks
    Jun 25, 2012

    Cus­tomer wants Life Topix to sync between Mac and IPad. Is that too much to ask?

    • LifeTopix Support
      Jun 25, 2012


      A full-fledged Mac ver­sion of Life­Topix would actu­ally be a sig­nif­i­cant under­tak­ing. When we spoke to cus­tomers about their inter­est in a full Mac client, we learned that their moti­va­tion was to have a way to uti­lize the larger screen and reg­u­lar key­board of a Mac for times when they had seri­ous data entry to per­form. There­fore, we devel­oped AirAc­cess which is avail­able on the Mac App Store as a free app for this purpose.

      We are actively work­ing on some ideas that may allow us, at some point, to offer a more com­plete imple­men­ta­tion of Life­Topix on the Mac (and other plat­forms), but we have more work to do before we can com­mit to deliv­er­ing some­thing like that any time soon.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow.

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