What LifeTopix Customers are Saying

With 1000s of apps in the App Store, we know it’s difficult to decide which app is right for you. When choosing an app from LightArrow, you can be comfortable knowing you are working with a seasoned team of business people, developers, and entrepreneurs who have pre­vi­ously built suc­cess­ful software and soft­ware com­pa­nies with the help of happy users.

Our great customers continue to say amazing things about LifeTopix. Below, we’ve included just a few highlights of what our customers are saying.


This is a 6 star app in my estimation. I use it more than any other app on my iPhone & iPad. It is so versatile and so easy to use. It has replaced my Apple Calendar in my IOS devices and it syncs with my iMac & MacBook devices, so no matter what device I’m using, everything is up to date on my calendar. it also integrates the calendar with my things to do (tasks) so that when I first open a  device I can see today’s schedule as well as all the things I need to do… and when the task is done, I just swipe the item and it is crossed out as accomplished. And it allows me to keep a record of all my future tasks and projects and prioritize each any way I’d like. It’s integrated with DropBox for backing up data, which is convenient. If you are a busy person and need to organize your daily life and work, this app is as good as I’ve found on the Apple Store. Get it.

by Lowejazz on Monday, March 22, 2013 version 6.0.1


Outstanding, and getting better! The responsiveness of their Customer Service is astonishing… working a issue that I’m sure I caused myself, was resolved nearly real time, service that you rarely get these days.

A big thumbs up!

by Jilytibrme on Tuesday, March 23, 2013 version 6.0.1

Thank You!

I have downloaded this app several times in the past, but found it too difficult to use. When I saw this version, I tried using it again, and absolutely love it. I don’t need to individually open other apps now, can do it all from my apps folder. This version is very user friendly, and by far, the best app I have seen for productivity. Look forward to future updates!

by Helma, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, version 6.0.1

Organize Your Entire Life in 1 Place

I’m not gonna lie, the learning curve for this app is a bit steep. BUT, if you stick with it it is absolutely fantastic. I honestly didn’t think an app for a phone could be this robust, complete and flexible. Also, no need to worry about the learning curve as their support is lightning fast with replies to your questions. If you have a project, or a hectic life, or you’re just plain disorganized, this app is the one for you. Everyone can benefit from using this app. Enjoy!

by Just-wanna-play on Monday, December 17, 2012 version 5.1.1

Great app for organizing all your personal business!

Comprehensive. Health, finances, notes, nutrition, Meds, can’t remember it all there is so much here. Well thought out. Very useful!

by SUEJF on Saturday, December 15, 2012 version 5.1.1

It thinks of everything!

by Mrs. B1 on Thursday, October 11 2012 version 5.0.4

One word: “Ultra-Fantastic”


by John Colon on Friday, October 12 2012 version 5.0.4

A wonder app, it does all you need for reminder, list, appointments, etc. Highly recommended.

Possible Mom Home Management App

by Ipaddingmom on Thursday, October 04 2012 version 5.0.4

Customer service is awesome!! This is a quickly evolving app and for the better! The developer’s website is full of tips on using the app and being organized in general. Even though it is not perfect, I am still drawn to this app. It is one of the better and useful purchases I have made from the App Store.

Outstanding All in One product

by Max_dubs on Wednesday, October 03 2012 version 5.0.4

I haven’t been able to put this app down since I bought it. Everything is well thought out from an hierarchical standpoint. It does so much and helps you stay organized without having to open two or three apps. Good job!!

Favorite organization app

by Zeezeltop on Wednesday, October 03 2012 version 5.0.4

I use this app as a personal project organizational tool. I love it. There are a few things I would like to see changed in the UI, but I still rate it a 5 star app.

Great app and getting better

by TMAC77@ on Monday, October 01 2012 version 5.0.2

Had this app for a while now but just started to really use it. As I learn more about it I ‘m liking it even more.

Great App

by aleo0110 on Sunday, September 30 2012 version 5.0.4

This is a great organization and GTD app.

Best app ever

by Pd0807

I am still surprised that this is the only app that does what this app does. But then I have ADHD and PTSD. This app is a lifesaver. But even if you don’t, this is by far the most useful ever. I have NEVER commented on an app before. But I had to on this one. Buy this app, and use it consistently, and it will change your life…

Wow what an app!!!

by Ben Simmons

I’ve looked over this app for months and didn’t download it because it didn’t have the flash or flair like other apps I use. Today I decided to check it out and wow was shocked. This is the greatest and most useful app in the store. I just spent the entire day organizing everything and planning which standalone apps to delete. I’ve searched and searched for this type of app and it was there all the time, right in front of me.

Seriously, One Amazing App
by Alex Bordes

I haven’t commented in a very long time, but this app/developer deserves my recommendation. This app is very, very intricate. Almost any topic you may want in a productivity app is here; and not just one rinky-dinky template for all. This app is tailored carefully to adjust to each topic. I have Omnifocus – for me, its just nothing more than an overpriced todo list. LifeTopix let’s you enter anything from self-improvement project, which I love, along with goals, to your everyday tasks. From Health topics to bookmarks, and in a very nice way. And above all, it integrates with the calendar and contacts. This is one heavy app.

This is the one!
by Kurleycc

I have been searching for this! I have a ton of apps and I get so angry because I spend money on them and they fall short of what I need. Now the test is how much data can I put in it until it explodes! Hoping the developers are ready for my mess. I just need that app that brings my life together and this looks like it has more that I even brainstormed on! I am just surprised that it didn’t cost more.

The app I’ve been looking for!
by Cat002777

This is the type of app I’ve been searching for. Absolutely brilliant and it truly does replace multiple apps. I’ve already deleted three other apps as they’re no longer needed because of this one. Incredibly well done!

Life Organized
by George and Jessica

This app is awesome!!!! I stumbled upon it in iTunes searching for a simple to do manager and this is so much more. Instead of solving 1 problem it has solved all of my organizational needs. I wanted an app for tasks, database (for home inventory, assets, etc.), online storage access, note taking, and more. I was using several solutions and now I use 1 that also works on my iPad.

Fantastic app, keeps getting better
by Sheridan Running

Great app, loads and loads of features; highly customizable, and integrates very well highly with iOS calendar, contacts, etc. Very impressed, very pleased.

And, just to be clear: I really like the new look…!:)

10 Stars
by Raelcreve

This is the best app currently available in the app store, the most usable app of it’s kind, blowing away the competition in multiple categories it houses features of at least 12 other apps, for a fraction of the price. Tech support is at least as good as Newegg’s. Buy it, love it, LifeTopix.

by oa179

Awesome program. It really does replace at least 3 other apps. Try this app and you will see what true organization is.

by 3CsMom

I’ve loved this app from the beginning and boy do they continue to deliver. Organization at it’s finest – keep it coming LifeTopix!

Love it
by Allinjoy

LifeTopix is helping me organize my home and work life together. Love this app!

LifeTopix 2.0.1

Not only is this one of if not the best app of it’s kind available, the customer support and programmer response is far and above anything else in the app store. This is a very well thought out multi-function app. To do list, task, projects, finances, anything and everything in one app. Easy to use and very flexible. On top of that true customer support with awesome response time. Not only a response, but actual investigating to solve the problem with updates on the effort with reports of the anticipated implementation date. Does it get better that that! Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to the update(s).

@LightArrowInc via Twitter
by phia1212

Absolutely helps with ADHD!