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Smart users make purchase decisions based on what a product currently does, not what it promises to do in the future. However, we are a team that is very fortunate to have a loyal base of users – they participate in where we take the product. They do this by sending us feature requests, enquiries, suggestions and feedback. As an eager and agile company, we do our part in prioritizing features in our updates regularly.

In addition to releasing updates frequently (every 4-8 weeks) with new and improved features, we strive to reward our loyal users with many of the things they ask for. For that reason, unlike many vendors, we aim to give you a better glimpse into what is coming or planned for down the road.

This is a living document. We update it frequently in order to reflect changes – sometimes driven by new priorities from our users (keep those coming!), and at other times by our ability to work on sets of features that allow us to take a phased approach on new capabilities. That allows us to get feedback and make improvements in subsequent releases.

Enjoy what we share here regarding our near-term product roadmap!

Some Big Things We Are Working On

New for 2015! Real Estate Professionals, Contractors, Property Managers, Clinics, Instructors, Service Providers & Freelancers! Using the best of LightArrow App Engine and adding what’s important to you, we are building solutions specifically for you! Please reach out to us if you wish to participate in this effort. Many of you are already successfully using LifeTopix, and have encouraged us to target your world specifically with the pieces that matter the most to you.

Also, these are things that are in progress in our development teams. We don’t have a specific release identified to introduce these features yet. We are in active discussions with our users regarding how they wish these features to work.

  • Business apps for CRM/Contacts, Schedules and Services, Information and Collaboration, Finances and more.
  • Additional integrations with popular online services (tasks, calendars, fitness, finances, media)
  • Collaboration between users – beyond the sharing features we already have using email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Additional modules and apps for business use
  • LightArrow for Mac:  work in progress for improving AirAccess and full app support for macs – first release Early 2015.
  • LightArrow for Windows:  work in progress for full app support for Windows 8.1 PC/tablets – Spring 2015
  • LightArrow for Android:  work in progress, no specific timeframe yet – sometime in 2015

LightArrow for Mac!

Coming in early 2015. We plan a beta in February – please contact us if interested.

New Major Release | Released December 9

  • Updates to all apps
  • Target: December First Half
  • Integrated Help Center!
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Speed Enhancements
  • Defect Fixes

Last Major Release | Released October 15

  • LifeTopix 8.2, My.Agenda 3.2, Pro.Calendar 1.1
  • iOS 8 and large iPhones readiness
  • New features, defect fixes, usability and performance enhancements
  • Calendar view improvements as per user feedback
  • Selectable text size in My Settings for several views
  • Increased maximum number of  items in a Locker from 7 to 12
  • Optional setting to automatically remove completed items from Hot List
  • Add photo to payments (similar to expense)
  • Setting for Transactions: Ascending/Descending by date
  • Graphs now support date ranges (Last 30 Days, etc)
  • Light Theme for Graphs (in My Settings)
  • Y-Axis labels for multi-metric graphs when unit and summary are same
  • Text message sharing of Checklists now includes open items
  • Reminder Sets – custom templates for local notification sets (“Lunch Reminders”, “Customer Meeting Reminders”, etc.)
  • Default task creation type for new repeat schedules
  • Event view allows to directly contact (call, text or email) invitees, co-hosts
  • Free “Pro Work Pack” features:
    • Task hierarchy for projects and other topic objects
    • Convert Task to Project, Event, Trip, Visit (can add more data)
    • Convert Appointment to Project, Event, Trip, Visit (can add more data)
    • Convert regular Checklists to “Pro Checkists”: Can contain plain items, tasks, appointments, activities, medication, nutrition, reminders,  shopping items
  • Pro Contacts Pack enhancements:
    • “Call Lists” – multiple lists of people to call, check them off
    • Contact logs: both automatic and manual entry regarding any interactions with contact
    • Computed Metrics: Task Owner: # open tasks, Tasks For: # open tasks
    • Last Contacted Date, auto-computed: Last Interaction Days
    • New Filter settings to utilize Last Contacted date

Previous Major Release | Released July 7

  • LifeTopix 8.1, My.Agenda 3.1
  • Target: Late June
  • NOTE: iOS 6 or above is REQUIRED by our apps starting with this update
  • Usability Enhancements (reducing number of taps)
    • Breakout alphabetical and manual sorting of checklists into two separate direct actions
    • Configurable setting for primary touch action on items
    • Task status directly settable from tapping on task icon
    • Swipe left to right to mark items complete (delete will be right to left)
  • Simplification of sync and backup setup
  • Light/Dark theme option for top and left navigation!
  • My Contexts Enhancements
    • Richer behavior – our version of “custom topics”
    • Tile view for contexts
    • Items in contexts richly organized
    • Ability to easily see What’s Next in a given context (GTD)
    • Setting to override topic color with context color for items
  • Merged Agenda and Calendar View
    • Patent-pending “TimeRibbon” visual
    • Improved Day, Week and Month views
    • Touch to add item in empty slot
    • Sunday/Monday week start based on Locale/Region setting
  • Improved color picker support for drawings and context tags
  • Custom statuses in tasks
  • Optional comments field in bill payment
  • Bulk delete support for Contacts
  • Non-intrusive alerts for rating and backup reminder
  • Asset total values by group
  • Enhanced Reporting, Printing and Email Support:
    • Agenda
    • Assets
    • Contacts
  • Default locker fields for new lockers
  • Manual ordering of undated tasks
  • Status support for projects, assets – support hide items for status
  • Editable titles for photo, drawing, and video
  • Repeat schedules for events
  • Online Task Integration Improvements:
    • Option to NOT delete online task when local task is deleted
    • Ability to “unlink” a task synced with online task
    • Setting to NOT create iOS Calendar items for tasks synced with online tasks
  • Pro Contacts Pack enhancements:
    • Auto-complete for custom fields if previous answers exist
    • Add configurable Status to contact
    • Forms applicability by Group and Status
    • Custom filters in contacts view
  • Pro Inbox Pack enhancements:
    • IMAP and limited Exchange support
    • Email preview
    • Evernote custom feeds with search and convert actions
    • OAuth support for gmail (two-step authentication)
    • Improved Search for Email Feeds
    • Act on emails from Contact (view from Contact Detail similar to Twitter and FB)
    • Follow Up (create Quick Inbox Item with due date) for emails, tweets, and Facebook items
    • Flag/Unflag support for emails items
    • Support multiple senders in email feed rule configuration
    • Place converted items (tasks, appointments, notes, quick-inbox items) from within a contact inside the contact detail

Previous Major Release | Released March 10

  • LifeTopix 8.0, My.Agenda 3.0
  • New In App Purchase – Pro Contacts Pack
    • Manage relationships like a pro
    • Create custom fields/forms for contacts
    • Associate tasks, notes, checklists, files and more with contacts
    • Manage contacts in a spreadsheet-like grid view for viewing multiple attributes
    • Import contacts through CSV
    • Manage additional contacts with in-app-purchased “contacts packs”
  • New In App Purchase – Pro Inbox Pack
    • Harvest info from Email, Twitter, Facebook, and the Web
    • Make custom rules for social feeds
    • Convert feed items (from email and social media) into items such as notes, events, projects, etc.
    • Save attachments from email or social media to bookmarks
    • Manage additional inbox rules with in-app-purchased “rule packs”
  • New Features, Improvements, Fixes
    • Revamped, clean and modern user interface
    • New app icons
    • Goals! Manage goals with related info, metrics
    • Lockers! Securely store secret info – text, photos, audio
    • AES 256-bit encryption added to sensitive data fields
    • Twitter and Facebook feeds added in My Inboxes
    • Color support by context tag
    • Topic items inherit topic colors
    • Copy to folder for files
    • Project copy includes tasks
    • Manage prescriptions for medication
    • Improved iOS Contacts integrations
    • Optionally specify iOS calendar by item
    • Print time added. Also, removed LightAr­row logo from print PDFs
    • Date only sup­port for bill payments
    • Sim­pli­fied and merged Search + Quick View interface
    • foursquare integration in Near Me, including conversion to types of Service Providers
    • Anchor point support to Near Me (specify location for results)
    • Defect fixes

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    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Betty,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      From some releases in the future, we do plan to do some beta testing for both our Mac and iOS apps.
      We will keep you in the loop.

      Have a great day!

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Rod,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Our next update should be available in a week or so. We have added Reminder Sets – custom templates for local notification sets (“Lunch Reminders”, “Customer Meeting Reminders”, etc.) for our next update.

      For more info. on the new features, see our road map page:

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

  1. Pete says:

    Hi. Found a non functioning link. If I tap on an item in a Shopping List or All Shopping Items view, it takes me to the Shopping Item view where I can make temporary changes (seller, price, unit, etc.) to that product. However, if I tap on the “>” on the Product name line to permanently update that product, nothing happens. To add a new seller or make any other permanent changes to that product, I have to go back to the Shopping + Gift view, tap on the Products view, and select the product. Then, if I’m not finished with my Shopping List, I have to go back there agains. Seems like a lot of unnecessary steps that I think the “>” was intended to eliminate. Looking forward to your 8.2 release this month as the app gets better and better with each release. Thanks for a great app.

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Pete,

      Thank you for reaching out to us with the issue, and for the kind words!

      We’re sorry about the non-functioning link in the Shopping Item detail view. This will be fixed in our next LifeTopix 8.2 update. Meanwhile, as a workaround, when tap on the shopping item in the shopping list, an expanded cell with the more button shows-up. When you tap on the more button and tap on “Product Details”, it will take you to the Product detail view where you can make changes to the Product.

      It works as described by default. However, if you have changed the primary tap functionality in “My Settings”, then you can tap-and-hold on the shopping item cell to reveal the expanded cell view.

      Should you have any further comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

  2. Véronique says:

    Hello great team,
    I love Lifetopix, this is the best app ever but I missed web clipping.
    Are you planned this feature ?
    Hope that ! ;-)
    Best regards,

    • Team LightArrow says:


      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      We currently have a web clipping feature in LifeTopix. When you highlight text on a webpage within our app you are given an option to “Process in LifeTopix”, and this feature is available after purchasing the “Pro Inbox Pack”. From this view you can convert the highlighted text to any type, create as a Note and Associate, or Add to an Existing Note. You can also read more about this feature on our help page underneath the heading “How to convert a web item to an actionable item”:

      Please do not hesitate if you have any further questions or comments.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

        • Team LightArrow says:


          Thanks for reaching out to us again. From an Email Feed in the My Inboxes view we support getting media and bookmarks from emails, but we currently just support text from web clippings. We’ll add support for media in a future update for web clippings.

          Team LightArrow
          Austin, Texas

  3. Jeff Baker says:

    Folks, have been using your product for about a year and love it. Very powerful…. But I fear you have overrun some of the fundamentals necessary for the most basic of productivity enhancement and lifestyle simplification. I would ask that you consider the following when considering enhancements to make your app even better.

    You have no simple DAILY TO DO’s! I would describe these as “unscheduled tasks” that one would be reminded to address when they are not working a scheduled task. These TO DO’s would appear on a daily basis (not scheduled by time… only date), support priority, carryover to the next day if not completed and appear on a basic landing page (in my case appearing as a list on the monthly calendar view, not as scheduled tasks on the calendar). The closest that Life Topix appears to come are checklists but they are not readily visible on a daily basis or their line items date sensitive, their individual items cannot be given reminders nor can they be set to recur or be assigned priority. Admittedly, you do have the ability to schedule TASKS; however, they require a completion date/time, show on the actual calendar and the list on the monthly calendar view (excess clutter) and can that can be set to recurring. The problem with TASKS is that if all “ToDo’s” were entered as TASKS they would clutter up the calendar to the point it would be useless. Further, your last major update to the app now captures the actual “end time” of a task as an additional calendar entry which further adds to the clutter. Your current TASKS are simply to intricate to use for simple To Do’s as they currently sit

    Without asking that you reinvent the wheel here, I would ask if it is possible to create either a daily checklist functionality with items that appear on a daily list versus on the calendar, support due dates and rollover to the next day, with reminders (recurring) OR create a “Simple TASK” (To-Do) object that does not appear on the calendar. Either would really add to the overall usability of the application and make it even more powerful

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and for your kind words.
      People like you make us very inspired to do well.

      You have some great suggestions here. In our next update (8.2) or soon there after, we have some significant improvement in the Tasks area where we will introduce a new concept called Routines that we think falls nicely into what you may be looking for.

      You can read more about our 8.2 update here:

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further suggestions or questions.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

  4. Tim B says:

    I’m excited to see that release 8.2 will include the first Mac version.
    Are you planning on charging separately for the Mac edition (and if so, how much are you thinking of?), or will it be included for those who have already bought LifeTopix on iOS?

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      We expect our first version of the Mac app to be available around the same time as LifeTopix 8.2.
      It’ll be a separate standalone app on the Mac, initially focusing on tasks, projects, to-do lists, calendars, reminders etc. It’ll sync with LifeTopix on iOS via iCloud/Dropbox (for the data types it supports). Over time, it’ll have additional topics added to it. Other vendors such as Things, OmniFocus etc. charge separately for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. In our case, a single purchase at a cheaper price already runs on both iPad and iPhone, but the Mac app will be a separate purchase. We have not finalized pricing and app name yet, but we expect it to cost more than the app on iOS.

      Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

  5. Jeff Lee says:

    While I’m requesting integrations, how about a redmine integration? I’d love to have redmine issues appear in my task list.

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks! We are always looking to add more integrations to our collection so we will investigate what is involved with working with Redmine and what services we can leverage.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

  6. Jeff Lee says:

    I use Mapmyride as do a number of my friends (or other Mapmyfitness apps) to log activities. It would be great if an integration could be developed so that instead of separating logging a workout (or not logging it at all in life.topix, which is what I currently do), the activity could be logged when recorded in Mapmyride.

    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      We are currently looking at ways to integrate with health and fitness apps that allow exporting to google spreadsheets. Then we will be able to import those files into our app.

      Do not hesitate if you have any further questions.

      Team LightArrow
      Austin, Texas

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