Make your online information accessible with the Bookmarks + Lockers topic.

If you have been dreaming of an app that helps you remember all the websites that you frequently visit; keep track of the usernames and passwords that you use; and keep private information private then your dreams have come true with the Bookmarks + Lockers topics.

Browse the web directly in the app and simply save the web pages that you frequent in one simple click. Bookmarks make it simple to get back to your favorite locations and once you save a Bookmark you can associate it with items such as projects, events, trips and more. Furthermore, if you have set up passwords for hosted email, shopping site sand other bookmarked websites, which are inevitably difficult to remember, simply save your username and password in the Bookmarks + Lockers topic and access it when visiting the site after typing your secret PIN — secured with military grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

With Lockers, keep private information private. With lockers, you can save secret information for data you wish to secure. Lockers support securing of text, photos and audio. Common uses include storage of photos of credit cards, photos of passports, photos of secret receipts, sensitive audio files and PINs.

This topic is included in LifeTopix and is available as an in-app-purchase in My.Agenda.

*Information based on LightArrow App Engine 8.

Bookmarks + Lockers Touchpoints

Tasks + Projects Tasks + Projects: manage all relevant bookmarks from directly within projects
Shopping + Gifts Shopping + Gifts: coupons can contain bookmarks to online coupons
Events + Appointments Events + Appointments: manage all relevant bookmarks from directly within events
Travel + Places Travel + Places: track bookmarks associated with travel
People + Services People + Services: manage bookmarks and online access for services and providers
Health + Goals Health + Goals: manage bookmarks for goals, health projects, healthcare providers and health services
Finances Finances: create bookmarks for banks, donations, financial assets and financial notes
Home + Assets Home + Assets: manage bookmarks for assets and home services
Education Education: track bookmarks for subjects, education projects and education notes
Notes + Files, Lists Notes + Files, Lists: track bookmarks associated with notes
Media Media: manage media bookmarks, including online services from the topic directly; add photos and audio to private lockers
LifeTopix Calendar icon My Calendar: complete daily agenda, month/list views: all date relevant items in one place