Bookmarks + Lockers

Make your online infor­ma­tion acces­si­ble with the Book­marks + Lock­ers topic.

If you have been dream­ing of an app that helps you remem­ber all the web­sites that you fre­quently visit; keep track of the user­names and pass­words that you use; and keep pri­vate infor­ma­tion pri­vate then your dreams have come true with the Book­marks + Lock­ers topics.

Browse the web directly in the app and sim­ply save the web pages that you fre­quent in one sim­ple click. Book­marks make it sim­ple to get back to your favorite loca­tions and once you save a Book­mark you can asso­ciate it with items such as projects, events, trips and more. Fur­ther­more, if you have set up pass­words for hosted email, shop­ping site sand other book­marked web­sites, which are inevitably dif­fi­cult to remem­ber, sim­ply save your user­name and pass­word in the Book­marks + Lock­ers topic and access it when vis­it­ing the site after typ­ing your secret PIN — secured with mil­i­tary grade 256-bit Advanced Encryp­tion Stan­dard (AES) encryption.

With Lock­ers, keep pri­vate infor­ma­tion pri­vate. With lock­ers, you can save secret infor­ma­tion for data you wish to secure. Lock­ers sup­port secur­ing of text, pho­tos and audio. Com­mon uses include stor­age of pho­tos of credit cards, pho­tos of pass­ports, pho­tos of secret receipts, sen­si­tive audio files and PINs.

This topic is included in Life­Topix and is avail­able as an in-app-purchase in My.Agenda.

*Infor­ma­tion based on LightAr­row App Engine 8.

Book­marks + Lock­ers Touchpoints

Tasks + Projects Tasks + Projects: man­age all rel­e­vant book­marks from directly within projects
Shopping + Gifts Shop­ping + Gifts: coupons can con­tain book­marks to online coupons
Events + Appointments Events + Appoint­ments: man­age all rel­e­vant book­marks from directly within events
Travel + Places Travel + Places: track book­marks asso­ci­ated with travel
People + Services Peo­ple + Ser­vices: man­age book­marks and online access for ser­vices and providers
Health + Goals Health + Goals: man­age book­marks for goals, health projects, health­care providers and health services
Finances Finances: cre­ate book­marks for banks, dona­tions, finan­cial assets and finan­cial notes
Home + Assets Home + Assets: man­age book­marks for assets and home services
Education Edu­ca­tion: track book­marks for sub­jects, edu­ca­tion projects and edu­ca­tion notes
Notes + Files, Lists Notes + Files, Lists: track book­marks asso­ci­ated with notes
Media Media: man­age media book­marks, includ­ing online ser­vices from the topic directly; add pho­tos and audio to pri­vate lockers
LifeTopix Calendar icon My Cal­en­dar: com­plete daily agenda, month/list views: all date rel­e­vant items in one place


  1. Fernand Hudon
    Jan 17, 2013

    When I write my user­name and code for a book­mark, I just see big dots for this pass­code. So I have to remem­ber it. Is there way to view this passcode?

    • LightArrow
      Jan 17, 2013

      Hi Fer­nand,
      The pass­word is obfus­cated for secu­rity rea­sons. If you tap on the lock icon at the bot­tom, you can see it by enter­ing a PIN. You can choose the PIN in the Life­Topix Set­tings view.
      Team LightArrow

  2. Micah
    Oct 02, 2012

    I couldn’t answer your ques­tion on Twit­ter with 140 char­ac­ters, so here is m browser wish list.

    My in app browser wish list would include hav­ing access to all the book­marks I’ve put into Life­Topix in browser in the cat­e­gories I put them under. It’d be nice if I could fill in forms with user names and pass­words I’ve put into Life­Topix. I would be able to save any page I’m on as a Life­Topix book­mark under mul­ti­ple cat­e­gories if I want. It’d be nice to have a read­ing list that’s under book­marks, but sep­a­rate from the reg­u­lar book­marks. It’d be so won­der­ful if I could save media like pic­tures, PDFs etc. directly into my files folder in Life­Topix or even bet­ter let me asso­ciate those files right there with a note, asset, project, ect. I’d love to have open in Safari (just in case), send web­page to email, mes­sage, Face­book, and Twit­ter. And I sup­pose it would be awe­some to have mul­ti­ple tabs, though if there was a read­ing list, I could live with out them.

    • LightArrow
      Oct 02, 2012

      Thanks for this. We’ll do our best!
      Team LightArrow

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