Tur­bocharge your knowl­edge with the Edu­ca­tion topic.

When you have things you desire to learn, you want to focus your time and energy on that, not on logis­tics. The Edu­ca­tion topic makes learn­ing eas­ier by pro­vid­ing you with robust orga­ni­za­tional capa­bil­i­ties for all your education-related data. With the Edu­ca­tion topic, you can track Edu­ca­tion projects, classes you are tak­ing and your assign­ments. Alerts, reminders and cal­en­dar items help you to stay on top of your assignments.

The Edu­ca­tion topic is inte­grated with other top­ics. Cre­ate your class notes in the Notes + Files topic or asso­ciate your class notes to sub­jects or assign­ments from Ever­note® or Too­dledo® online ser­vices. You can also access related doc­u­ments and resources for school, work or per­sonal growth sub­ject areas from Drop­box™, OneDrive™, Box™ and Google Drive™. The result is bet­ter learn­ing with less time and effort — and while on the go.

This topic is included in Life­Topix and is avail­able as an in-app-purchase in My.Agenda.

*Infor­ma­tion based on LightAr­row App Engine 8.

Edu­ca­tion Touchpoints


Tasks + Projects Tasks + Projects: man­age all assign­ments and edu­ca­tion projects directly from the topic
Shopping + Gifts Shop­ping + Gifts: man­age all asso­ci­ated shop­ping, such as prod­ucts, stores, and shop­ping lists
Events + Appointments Events + Appoint­ments: asso­ciate appoint­ments with sub­jects, edu­ca­tion projects, and edu­ca­tion notes Peo­ple + Ser­vices: asso­ciate edu­ca­tion ser­vices and providers
Finances Finances: cre­ate expenses for edu­ca­tion projects, sub­jects, and notes
Notes + Files, Lists Notes + Files: directly asso­ciate and cre­ate notes and check­lists, and attach and asso­ciate files
Media Media: eas­ily man­age all asso­ci­ated media with sub­jects and assign­ments, such as pho­tos, video clips, and audio clips
Bookmarks Book­marks + Lock­ers: track book­marks for sub­jects, edu­ca­tion projects, and edu­ca­tion notes
LifeTopix Calendar icon My Cal­en­dar: com­plete daily agenda, month/list views: all date rel­e­vant items in one place includ­ing assignments


  1. Avi
    Jan 23, 2014


    3 quick ques­tions for you…

    1) Can life topic sync with google cal­en­dar and google contacts?

    2) can you cre­ate a task by email in app (eg, send email to per­sonal life­topix email address and task is auto­mat­i­cally created?

    3) Can you assign tasks to other life­topix users and track sta­tus for team ori­ented project management?

    Thank you!

    • LightArrow
      Jan 24, 2014

      Hi Avi,

      Thanks for reach­ing out!

      1. Our app works seam­lessly with the iOS Cal­en­dar, Con­tacts, and Reminders apps. When you add a google account to the device, and enable cal­en­dar items, con­tacts etc, those are avail­able to our app. Our app can also write to the iOS Cal­en­dar app (includ­ing the google one).

      2. In our 8.0 update (two weeks from now) we are adding the abil­ity to cre­ate items from emails and other things (gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.). The cre­ation is not auto­matic. We plan to sup­port that in the future.

      3. We have “poor man’s col­lab­o­ra­tion via email” today — e.g., you can share a task with some­one by email, then if they email it back (after mak­ing updates), the changes get updated in your app. So, you could have a project with let’s say some tasks that are owned by oth­ers, you can email to them ini­tially, and as they email back changes to you, you can accept those, so the project’s tasks reflect their updates. We plan to make it more seam­less in March/April — more auto­matic, and also, uti­liz­ing online, WiFi, and blue­tooth approaches. Col­lab­o­ra­tion is HUGE for us as we are releas­ing a whole bunch of busi­ness apps this year.

      Team LightAr­row
      Austin, Texas

      • Avi Adler
        Feb 01, 2014

        Great, thanks for the reply Pls keep me posted on on March/April release with these features.

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