Save time by making your notes, files and lists accessible with the Notes + Files topic.

One of the most powerful features of your mobile device is its ability to keep you connected. Notes + Files, Lists leverages this connectivity to give you unprecedented mobile access to your electronic information no matter where you are. With the dynamic note taking capabilities, you can create text, audio, video, photos or handwritten drawings and notes, which lets you gather notes and journal entries anywhere you go.

With the Notes + Files topic, create single use or reusable checklists and to-do lists for items such as things to do daily or anything else you can possibly imagine through the impressive checklist and to-do list capabilities. If you are a user of Evernote® or Toodledo® notes, sync those hosted notes with your LightArrow app notes. Or, create LightArrow app notes directly in your LightArrow app and view and edit them from those services. Access online files from Dropbox™, OneDrive™, Box™ and Google Drive™ and associate these files to topic items, such as projects, events and more. You can also save hosted documents on your local device for safekeeping so that you can access these files later when you are offline.

The Notes + Files, Lists topic integrates with other topics so you can, for example, access your electronic resources from within the Education or Travel + Places topics. The result is information that is always available.

This topic is included in LifeTopix, Pro.Notes and My.Notes. It is offered as an in-app purchase in My.Agenda. Online notes + files are included as an in-app purchase in My.Notes. My.Shopping includes partial note functionality for the management of coupons.

*Information based on LightArrow App Engine 8.

Notes + Files, Lists Touchpoints

Notes + Files, Lists

Tasks + Projects Tasks + Projects: create notes and checklists, and associate; attach and associate files
Shopping + Gifts Shopping + Gifts: conduct product research with notes, bookmarks, files, and track coupon information with date tags
Events + Appointments Events + Appointments: manage all notes and files directly within hosted events; directly associate events
Travel + Places Travel + Places: create notes and checklists, and associate; attach and associate files
People + Services People + Services: create notes and checklists, and associate; attach and associate files
Health + Goals Health + Goals: create notes and checklists, and associate; attach and associate files
Finances Finances: create notes and checklists and associate with banks, and attach and associate files with banks; associate checklists and files with charitable donations
Home + Assets Home + Assets: create notes and checklists, and associate; attach and associate files
Education Education: create notes and checklists, and associate; attach and associate files
Media Media: easily manage all associated media within notes, such as photos, video clips, and audio clips
Bookmarks Bookmarks + Lockers: notes can contain files and bookmarks
LifeTopix Calendar icon My Calendar: notes can optionally have date tags, and show up in the unified calendar along with all other date relevant items. Add appointments and reminders to long-term notes