Develop and manage personal and business relationships and track services with the People + Services topic.

Many of us have numerous contacts for service providers, clients, prospects, friends, family and organizations that we keep track of every day. The People + Services topic helps you to manage doctors, dentists and fitness professionals for your health; legal, banking and investment professionals for your financial management; utilities and domestics for your household maintenance; and more.

If you are running a small or micro business, you most likely have a variety of prospects and clients that you visit and manage. The People + Services topic provides powerful customer relationship management features for keeping track of many aspects of your prospects and clients — all while on the go. Organize contacts into groups; read their Tweets and Facebook posts directly from their contact record; add custom fields to contacts (in-app purchase); use GTD® context tags; and associate appointment, tasks, reminders, files and more (in-app purchase) with your contacts. Furthermore, you can communicate via email or text to an entire group, or connect with individuals via phone, text, email or social media via their contact record — directly from your LightArrow app.

People + Services dramatically extends the usefulness of your device’s contacts manager by giving you the ability to keep track of relevant information — such as ratings and referral information for service providers, service and account information associated with each of your service providers and more. Through the Pro Contacts in-app purchase, create custom forms and fields for contacts; manage contacts in a spreadsheet-like view; import contacts; and associate tasks, appointments, reminders and more to contacts.

This topic is included in LifeTopix and is available as an in-app-purchase in My.Agenda.

*Information based on LightArrow App Engine 8.

People + Services Touchpoints

People + Services

Tasks + Projects Tasks + Projects: associate tasks and projects to services utilized, and associate the providers for those services to tasks
Events + Appointments Events + Appointments: associate appointments with service providers and services; directly from an event; associate services with events
Travel + Places Travel + Places: from the Travel + Places topic, associate travel services utilized and the providers for those services
Health + Goals Health + Goals: manage services and service providers for health projects
Finances Finances: directly associate expenses with services and contacts
Education Education: manage services and service providers for education projects and class subjects
Notes + Files, Lists Notes + Files, Lists: directly associate and create notes and checklists, and attach and associate files
Media Media: easily manage all associated media, such as photos, video clips, and audio clips
Bookmarks Bookmarks + Lockers: manage online access for service providers and service accounts
LifeTopix Calendar icon My Calendar: complete daily agenda, month/list views: all date relevant items in one place including reminders for services and providers