Get more done with the Tasks + Projects topic.

The easier it is to manage all the information about what you want to get done, the more productive you will be. Tasks + Projects gives you the ability to enter, organize, prioritize, track and check off even the most complex tasks and projects in the most streamlined, natural and easy-to-understand way imaginable.

For followers of the GTD® method, get all of your tasks out of your head by using My Inboxes. Gather all your projects and tasks, assign them to Soon or Someday buckets and convert these items to projects or tasks to be managed in the Tasks + Projects topic at a later time. Simplify choosing next actions by tagging your tasks with contexts and grouping your tasks by multiple contexts. Are you a user of Google, Toodledo® or Asana tasks? No problem. Sync your tasks from those online services or sync LightArrow tasks to your online services.

The power of the Tasks + Projects topic is in the association of related information you have already entered into other areas of the app — such as events or trips you are planning, education assignments or health procedures — you don’t have to re-enter information in multiple places in separate applications like you would have to with other products. Even better, you can create tasks and projects directly from within the context of those other topics. It is a better way to manage all your activities and a more efficient way to organize them.

This topic is included in LifeTopix and is available as an in-app-purchase in My.Agenda.

*Information based on LightArrow App Engine 8.

Tasks + Projects Touchpoints

Tasks + Projects

Shopping + Gifts Shopping + Gifts: manage all associated shopping, such as products, stores, and shopping lists
Events + Appointments Events + Appointments: directly create and associate appointments with projects
Travel + Places Travel + Places: from the Travel + Places topic, manage tasks for trips, visitors, places, and travel services
People + Services People + Services: associate services utilized and the providers for those services
Health + Goals Health + Goals: create health projects directly in Tasks + Projects; manage tasks for goals, activities, nutrition, health stats, and health projects
Finances Finances: directly associate tasks with banks or financial assets, and create or associate financial notes and expenses with projects
Education Education: create education projects directly in Tasks + Projects
Notes + Files, Lists Notes + Files, Lists: directly associate and create notes and checklists, and attach and associate files
Media Media: easily manage all associated media, such as photos, video clips, audio clips
Bookmarks + Lockers Bookmarks + Lockers: manage all relevant bookmarks from directly within projects
LifeTopix Calendar icon My Calendar: complete daily agenda, month/list views: all date relevant items in one place