Hot List: Quick Access to Common Views in LifeTopix

Did you know that you can eas­ily add your favorite and most com­monly used views and items to the Hot List view for quick access?

That saves you time in nav­i­gat­ing to a fre­quently used view (task list, all check­lists, things to sell, etc.) which may be buried deep inside dif­fer­ent topics.

Hot List view in LifeTopix

Hot List view in LifeTopix

To add a view or an item to the Hot List, when you see the item, tap and hold it and select “Add to Hot List.” Voila!

Add Item or View to Hot List

Add Item or View to Hot List

Note: not all items and views are sup­ported for this fea­ture, but we are enhanc­ing it with each update.


  1. pradip
    Oct 27, 2013

    i am able to add indi­vid­ual items, but not groups to the hotlist,
    for exam­ple , i am not able to add ALL the notes to the hot list like you have in your above eaxm­ple ( hav­ing a ”all notes” icon )
    please let me know how i should proceed

    thanks and regards

    • Team LightArrow
      Oct 27, 2013

      Hi Pradip,

      In our next update we are mak­ing adding groups of items to the Hot List very easy but you can already do this for notes. From “Notes + Files” –> “Notes”, set the group by to “Show All”. Tap on the star icon to add the group con­tain­ing all notes to the Hot List. If you wanted to add all your check­lists to the Hot List for exam­ple then from “Notes + Files” –> “Check­lists” tap on the action but­ton located at the bot­tom left of the screen. You will notice one of the options is “Add to Hot List”. Select­ing this will add the group con­tain­ing all check­lists to the Hot List.

      Best Regard,
      Team LightArrow

  2. Robert
    Apr 04, 2013

    I have cre­ated 4 dif­fer­ent check­lists for the work I do at my office. Each one is a spe­cific cat­e­gory and each entry on each list con­tains dif­fer­ent numer­i­cal val­ues and cus­tomer names. Under­stand that these for lists have been added to my “hot top­ics” for review, but I still have an issue I can­not resolve.

    I have tried search­ing for the numer­i­cal value on a spe­cific check­list since at that moment I may not know which check­list it is on and the soft­ware appar­ently does not dig down that deep. This increases the time it takes to find a spe­cific topic.

    So my ques­tion is this: How can I have say 50 sep­a­rate numer­i­cal val­ues on 4 dif­fer­ent check­lists yet be able to search all 4 lists for the value? If this is not pos­si­ble, please offer an alter­na­tive method bear­ing in mind that each of item requires its on spe­cific category.

    • LightArrow
      Apr 04, 2013

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for reach­ing out.
      You are cor­rect — cur­rently our Search fea­ture looks in the title and descrip­tion of the list itself, and not its items. We will add that in our 6.1 update which is com­ing out later this month.
      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow

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