LightArrow Redefines Freemium Productivity Apps with its New LightArrow Organizer for Mac and iOS

Team LightArrow is excited to announce that LightArrow Organizer for iOS and Mac are now available at the Apple App Store and Mac App Store. These powerful new apps and the way in which they are delivered are game-changers in the productivity app landscape. Keep reading to learn how these apps are revolutionary among Freemium productivity apps today.

LightArrow Organizer Has All-in-One Power

First, such a powerful app has never been available on both iOS and Mac that brings together powerful calendars, contacts and robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM), information harvesting from email inboxes and other data sources, project and task management, and organization of all related information in a single app.

Along with all of the above, a modern business-class dashboard centralizes visibility and enables you to easily focus and act on what matters in your busy work and lives.

LightArrow Organizer is Freemium

Second, by making LightArrow Organizer a fully feature-unlocked freemium download on both platforms, we can put it in the hands of millions of users well beyond our current 150,000 LightArrow install base. There are no subscription fees and there are no new online accounts to create. All data is stored on your devices and optionally with your preferred 3rd party cloud services. 100 data items are offered upon download. Items packs are available for additional data items. You can also earn rewards for additional items at no cost through LightArrow’s Achievement Engine.

LightArrow Organizer is Easily Tailored by Role and Industry

Third, with feedback from thousands of business customers, we’ve introduced a new “Configure for Me” engine and onboarding features that will get you up and running quickly and gaining significant productivity in your businesses and personal lives.

Through simple onboarding steps, you can customize LightArrow Organizer to fit your needs. Solopreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, real estate professionals and productive individuals can enjoy the convenience of 1-click personalization. And, at any time, you have the freedom to configure the app yourself to fit your unique needs.

LightArrow Organizer is Intelligently Connected to Best-in-Class Apps

Fourth, LightArrow Organizer is intelligently connected with the apps that you already use. Integrations enable you to re-use and leverage your existing data both on your device as well as online, and centrally manage it. The app works with email, Twitter™, Dropbox™, Box™, Microsoft OneDrive™, Google Drive™, Evernote®, Toodledo®, and Asana™ amongst others.

LightArrow Organizer is a Proven Solution

LightArrow Organizer is built on the proven LightArrow App Engine 9, which is currently utilized by LifeTopix and other LightArrow apps. With over four years of development and constant improvements with feedback from our loyal users, the engine provides a common set of functionality for LightArrow apps.

LightArrow Organizer versus LifeTopix

If you have already bought LifeTopix, My.Agenda or Pro.Calendar, you should not worry that our new app LightArrow Organizer is available on both iOS and Mac as a Freemium download. Here is why.

Compare LightArrow Apps

To assist you in making a decision about which app to download, we’ve outlined it all for you on our Compare Page.


Refer to Common Questions or feel free to add a question to the comments below.

Get your small business organized with our all-in-one solutions for iOS and Mac.


Marilyn Rogers

Marilyn Rogers

Marketing Director

Marilyn is the Marketing Director at LightArrow, Inc., the makers of LifeTopix, a complete productivity app and organizer available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. She is a regular contributor to the Life Blog from LightArrow, which is a blog dedicated to sharing tips and tricks about LightArrow products, personal productivity, time management, organization, and getting things done.

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