Manage Passwords With the LifeTopix App

A little known feature of LifeTopix is the ability to manage your passwords. This feature allows you to organize the multiple passwords on various websites that you use on a regular basis. There are several password management apps that you can download from the App Store that handle this functionality, but LifeTopix lets you manage them within the context of everything else that you do in your life — and they’re managed through the LifeTopix Bookmarks topic; therefore, you can view your credentials as you view pages from Bookmarks.

View the short video below to learn how to manage your usernames and passwords in LifeTopix.

You can find LifeTopix at the App Store.

Security Notes

Before you can view any of your usernames and passwords, you must enter a personal identification number (PIN). You can also add an extra level of security by adding a passcode to LifeTopix. All of your data is stored on your device unless you use sync or backups. The password is “Base64 encoded” so it’s not human readable, and always requires the PIN to be read.


Welcome to LifeTopix. If you’re not familiar with LifeTopix, it’s a complete productivity app for personal organization. With LifeTopix, you can manage your calendar, tasks/to-dos, projects, notes, files, health, bookmarks, online passwords, and much more with its 12 topics.

Storing passwords is a two step process, which includes setting a personal identification number and then setting your passwords in your LifeTopix Bookmarks. I also recommend an optional step of setting a passcode in LifeTopix, which will give you extra security. Today, I’m going to show you how in LifeTopix you can keep track of the many passwords that you set for multiple websites.

Before we get started, I’d first like to show you how to set a passcode. If you’re storing passwords in LifeTopix, turning on Passcode Lock will give you an extra level of security. When your Passcode Lock is on, you’re required to enter it after LifeTopix has been placed in the background for a designated period of time or if LifeTopix has been closed.

To set up your passcode the first time, simply tap the lock and then tap Setup Passcode. In the Passcode Lock Settings view, tap Turn Passcode On. This is where you can set a passcode and confirm it, and you can also set up security questions that will allow you to retrieve your passcode if you’ve forgotten it. You will also want to specify how long LifeTopix will run in the background before it is locked by tapping Set Timeout here. I’m going to set it for 10 minutes.

If you plan to store passwords, you’re required to set up a Personal Identification Number to reveal secure data. In your Settings view, locate Reveal Secure Data and type numbers or characters into the PIN field. Now you’re ready to start storing your passwords.

Go to All Bookmarks and add or locate a bookmark where you enter your credentials. In this example, I’ll view the details for EveryTrail. Here, I can enter my username and password. And then the next time that I go to this website, I can easily find my username and password by tapping here.

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