Migrate Bento’s or Other Apps’ Data to LifeTopix on iOS

You might have noticed lately that some of your favorite productivity apps are being acquired and shut down or just simply discontinued. Astrid, Catch Notes, and now Bento are just a few examples. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to import and export data from .csv files. This post includes the information you need to know if you plan to import data from Bento or other apps.

Will LifeTopix Meet My Needs?

We encourage you to research LifeTopix to evaluate if it meets your needs. The Bento App Store Description includes the top 10 uses of Bento. Below, I’ll describe many of these uses and mention the equivalent in LifeTopix:

  • Organize contacts / clients -> LifeTopix People + Services topic
  • Track projects / deadlines -> LifeTopix Tasks + Projects topic
  • Special events / parties -> LifeTopix Events topic
  • To-do items -> LifeTopix checklists and tasks
  • Lists of things / collections -> LifeTopix Home + Assets topic
  • Products / inventory -> LifeTopix Home + Assets topic
  • Expenses -> Finances (payments included) topic
  • Organize music / movies / photos -> LifeTopic media topic
  • Passwords and logins -> LifeTopix bookmarks
  • Sync – > LifeTopix device-to-device sync and AirAccess

Migration Details

You can’t migrate all of your data, but you can import several types. We recommend that you store your media files, such as photos and videos in Dropbox, and then associate these items with LifeTopix projects and other objects.

The objects and fields that you can import into LifeTopix from a different application are described below, and all required fields are indicated.

Note: Using the formats and spreadsheets described here, you can also import large amounts of data into LifeTopix. And keep in mind that you can import shopping items that belong to multiple shopping lists from just one .csv file — this also applies to log items and checklists.

The spreadsheet names must match the names indicated below.

Log Items

Spreadsheet Name: LogItems.csv

Log items are primarily used for fitness and health metrics.

Spreadsheet Example


Field Details Required?
Log Item Name Any name. Yes
Log Topic Name Must be a valid name already in LifeTopix such as “Activity Log.” Yes
Log Entry Will match values in activity log. Yes
Log Comment Any comment. No
Log Time custom cell format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Yes

Tasks for Trips, Visitors, Events, Service Providers, and Projects

Spreadsheet Names: ProjectTasks.csv, EventTasks.csv, TripTasks.csv, VisitorTasks.csv (The name indicates which type of object they will be imported into – Projects, Events, Trips, or Visitors.)

Tasks are primarily used for things to do for projects, trips, visitors, and service providers.

Spreadsheet Example


Field Details Required?
Name Any name Yes
Description Any description No
Status Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Completed, Canceled Yes
Priority Low, Medium, High No
Due Date yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss No
Start Date yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss No
End Date yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss No
Effort (in hours) Hours No
Categories Will attempt to match values. If not already created, will create them. No


Spreadsheet name: ChecklistItems.csv

Checklists are primarily used for things to do or items you need to check off such as packing lists.

Spreadsheet Example



Field Details Required?
Checklist Name Any name Yes
Item Name Any item Yes
Checked Yes or No No

Shopping List Items

Spreadsheet name: ShoppinglistItems.csv

Shopping list items are primarily used for grocery shopping or other shopping lists, such as business or personal items.

Spreadsheet Example



Field Details Required?
Shopping List Name Will attempt to match values. If not already created, will create one. Yes
Product Name Will attempt to match values. If not already created, will create one. Yes
Seller Name Will attempt to match values. If not already created, will create one Yes
Unit Price Will import as number, but display as dollars and all other currency symbols are removed. No
Unit Will attempt to match values. If not already created, will create one. No
Quantity All reasonable numeric quantities accepted. No
Total Cost Will import as number, but display as dollars and all other currency symbols are removed. No

Important Note about Date Cells

It is very important to format the date cells with this format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss as a custom format or your date values will not migrate, as shown below.

Custom Date Format

How do you import?

Save the spreadsheets as insertcorrectname.csv and the email them to yourself. In the email message, tap and hold the name of the .csv file and then open it in LifeTopix. LifeTopix will display messages similar to the following. Accept them and continue.

 Import Messages

Next, verify that your items migrated correctly.


If you have any questions about importing your data, please ask in the comments or contact support. We’re here to help. Good luck!

Bento is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc. Catch Notes is a registered trademark of Catch.com, Inc. Astrid is a registered trademark of Yahoo.

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