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Morning Rituals That Set Successful Managers Apart

Guest post from small business owner, Norah Martin.

What separates successful managers from less prosperous ones are their morning rituals. These enable them to work things out, mentally prepare for what awaits them at the office, forget about yesterday’s stress and get a head start for the working day. Here are some of those rituals and how you can apply them to your own career.

An Early Start

Probably the most important morning ritual is enabling yourself to have a morning – waking up early is a must if you want to seize the day. Tasks that need to be done require time to do them and that is why a number of successful managers wake up near dawn. When compared to the rest of the working force, this is quite early, but it is not only business people who do this: a number of canonical writers also used to sleep less in order to be more productive.

Wake up Your Body

However, just because you are out of the bed does not mean your body is awake as well. We all need time get accustomed to the new day and forget about sleeping. Some solve this problem with a cold shower, others with a cup of coffee, but the best thing to do is some exercising.

Mornings are the most alert time of the day and our bodies react to them better than we can imagine. It does not matter what you do – jogging, riding a bicycle, lifting weights, yoga, etc. – but try to work out for an hour before heading to the office. I know that my day is much more productive when I manage to squeeze in an hour of squash before work.

Good Food Equals a Good Morning

With such a high-intensity morning, you cannot expect to maintain the same level of alertness until the evening if you do not eat properly. It does not have to be much and you do not have to eat at the same time day after day, but eating something healthy should never be avoided.

Fruits, vegetables and items rich in proteins comprise the breakfast menu of people who take care of themselves. Furthermore, personal favorites like chocolate bars, fruit juices, yogurt or other foods should be added to the table as well.

Learn a Thing or Two

Having a morning to yourself means that you can dedicate time to your passion project – and the best idea is to try to learn something new. Most people choose a foreign language, but if you hold a responsible position in your company, or if you own your own business, you might look into upgrading your existing skills and enrolling in a management course. Audio books and online courses are ideal companions to early morning studying sessions.

The Biggest Piece of the Pie

The point of mornings is that they are quiet and peaceful and make the best time to focus on the upcoming arrangements. What I like to do is figure out which of my daily tasks is going to be the hardest or most challenging and then start working on that one head-on.

If you tackle the biggest problem of the day first thing in the morning, you will have a sense of accomplishment that will make the rest of the day seem a lot easier. Finally, all the other tasks will be less problematic and your day will, therefore, be more successful.

Acquire and Adapt

When forming morning rituals, do not be afraid to borrow ideas from successful people, but adapt them to your own habits. Instead of blindly following someone else, it is better to find what suits you the most and thus prepare for the day ahead of you.

Your Turn

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or comments.

Norah Martin

Norah Martin

Guest Contributor and Small Business Owner

Norah Martin has been timidly exploring the world of marketing for years, finally taking the plunge and becoming a small business owner herself. She is now devoted more than ever to the exploration of the latest trends, and has become quite addicted – she spends way too much time reading up on the latest social media crazes.

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