Not Crazy About the New iOS 7 Calendar App? Here’s the Answer.

You’ve updated to iOS 7 and you’ve noticed the new, beautiful minimalist design and the lack of skeuomorphism, which is a fancy word for faux stitching, wood panels, and leather. Essentially, the metaphors of the real world have vanished and are replaced with a more modern, flat design. It makes me think of upgrading the decor at Grandma’s house with the sleek interior design of the W Hotel.

We at LightArrow are huge fans of iOS 7. It is a great leap forward in our opinion in both form and function. However, with significant change there are always some “challenges” in terms of people’s habits and personal preferences. One of the biggest changes is the calendar for both the iPhone and the iPad. The calendar is now black and white and red all over. Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s a real-life riddle to many users as to why some of our favorite views are missing — with the most noticeable being the month detail view.

For example, one calendar user wrote the following on an Apple discussion thread:

I personally can’t stand the fact when I am on any given day, there is no list view for all the events at the bottom like there used to be. This is an extremely bizarre thing for them to get rid of in my opinion. It is much more cumbersome to see your events quickly for the day now.

Good news. There are several apps at the Apple App Store that can fill the void, including our apps — LifeTopix and My.Agenda. A little background — LifeTopix is our full-featured personal information manager and My.Agenda is the starter version of LifeTopix that you can customize to meet your needs through in-app purchases. You can compare the apps by following this link.

I Want an Agenda View!LifeTopix Agenda View

Check out our side-by-side comparisons below and decide for yourself if the LifeTopix Calendar Views provide you with a better alternative to the new iOS 7 calendar. Remember, you don’t have to replace the iOS 7 calendar because LifeTopix shows you all your events from it (including your Google, Yahoo, and Outlook events that you display on your iOS device calendar). And keep in mind that LifeTopix is a complete personal information manager so there are several types of objects that it supports, which the iOS 7 calendar does not support. In addition, searching all items (appointments, notes, tasks, etc.) is included from the Quick Menu at the bottom left. This might not be evident from the images.

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Month View

The Month View is several people’s biggest disappointment in iOS 7 because it no longer includes the detailed list view in the main view. Instead of showing you the entire month with tiny appointments, LifeTopix shows you a list of your appointments for a chosen day and you can easily choose the day you want to view by tapping the date. There’s an indicator on each day to show you if items are scheduled on those days. You can also completely manage those items by tapping them.

IOS 7 Month View

Click the image to see a bigger view.

Year View

The LifeTopix Calendar Year View allows you to scroll through a list of all your appointments and other items in one view for the entire year. You can also access past years’ items. The iOS 7 Calendar Year View only shows a calendar with the current date highlighted. On the iOS 7 calendar, tapping a date returns you to the IOS 7 Calendar Month View. Alternatively, with LifeTopix, you can manage your items directly from this view.

IOS 7 Year View

Click the image to see a bigger view.

Week View

The LifeTopix Calendar Week View and the iOS 7 Calendar Week View are very similar. Besides the look and feel, there are only a few subtle differences in functionality. In LifeTopix, you tap the arrow to move through the week. In the IOS 7 Calendar, you scroll to the right or left. This is a personal preference.

IOS 7 Week View

Click the image to see a bigger view.

Day View

The primary difference between the LifeTopix Calendar Day View and the iOS 7 Calendar Day View is the side-by-side view that the IOS 7 calendar provides. Both calendars require you to open a management screen when editing.

IOS 7 Day View

Click the image to see a bigger view.

Repeat Schedules

LifeTopix includes many more options for repeat schedules over the iOS 7 Calendar. Custom schedules are available in LifeTopix as the image below shows, which provides you with more flexibility when setting up your appointments and tasks.


Click the image to see a bigger view.


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6 replies
  1. Marie says:

    I removed Life Topix, but I am still getting reminders for one repeating calendar event. How can I get it to stop, or how can I delete more than just each individual instance (the only option I am presented with)?


    • Team LightArrow says:

      Hi Marie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      At the bottom of this email, you will find a way to easily delete the repeating items from your Calendars using your Mac.

      If you delete the LifeTopix app itself, it never gets a chance to delete those entries in the calendar app.
      By default, LifeTopix creates certain calendar items on iOS calendar. You could also disable the creation of iOS Calendar counterparts for tasks/appointments, etc. from LifeTopix > Settings > My Settings > (scroll to the bottom) iOS Calendar Reminders.

      In the update that is coming in a week or so, you can delete all calendar items created by our app in bulk from inside the app.

      Instructions to easily delete the Calendar items:
      If you have access to a Mac, in the Calendar app on the Mac, there is a search field towards the top right. If you type in LifeTopix, then all the calendar items created by LifeTopix will show up (since they all have the term [LifeTopix] in their title). You can then click on the top one, then shift-click on the last one (in the search results window) to select them all, then either right-click to delete, or press the delete key on the keyboard.

      Hope that helps.

      Best Regards,
      Team LightArrow
      Austin TX

  2. Leanne Aurisch says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! I mainly bought the iPhone for the calendar because I didn’t want to carry a paper diary. I can’t even put in a weekly meeting because it comes up daily instead. Nothing I can do except buy a paper diary and regret buying an iPhone.

    • LightArrow says:

      Hi Leanne,
      No worries! In our opinion iOS 7 (and the iPhone itself) are designed better than everything else, However, some users do have issues with the vastly changed iOS Calendar app. They miss some of the views they were used to. That seems to be one of the reasons users love LifeTopix and My.Agenda.
      Team LightArrow

    • LightArrow says:

      Correct – except you cannot add items while in the “list view” of search.
      Many of the changes in iOS 7 are amazing – a huge leap forward in form and function. Just a few changes seem to have peeved some users.
      Team LightArrow


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