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Organize Holiday Gifts and Black Friday Shopping With the LifeTopix App

With just about a month away from the hol­i­days, this is a great time for get­ting your hol­i­day gift lists together. Whether you have a whole house of elves to buy for or if you’re just mak­ing a few pur­chases, the Life­Topix app can help you get it all orga­nized. The end result? A mag­i­cal hol­i­day that won’t leave you feel­ing over­whelmed. And if you’re brav­ing the Black Fri­day crowds, no time is bet­ter than today to pick up the Life­Topix per­sonal orga­ni­za­tion app at the App Store, while it’s pro­mo­tion­ally priced at 99 cents.

This post was cre­ated using the next update of Life­Topix that will be avail­able within the next few weeks. It gives you a sneak peek into our enhanced shop­ping fea­tures; how­ever, the Life­Topix Shop­ping topic pro­vides great value today for cre­at­ing shop­ping lists, cre­at­ing gift lists, and track­ing received gifts — all in con­text with every­thing else you do in your life.

Con­fig­ur­ing Sell­ers in LifeTopix

Before you get started cre­at­ing your hol­i­day shop­ping lists, you should con­fig­ure a few sell­ers in Life­Topix from where you fre­quently pur­chase items. Life­Topix works with your iOS Con­tacts so I rec­om­mend start­ing there. If you’re using iOS 6, a quick way to add your favorite stores is to go to your iOS Maps app, and then enter the name of the store in the search field. When the store is found and dis­played, tap it. And after the store’s page dis­plays, tap Add to Con­tacts as shown in the fol­low­ing illustration.


This way, all the loca­tion infor­ma­tion is saved, and Life­Topix can lever­age it for shop­ping when you add a seller via Shop­ping -> Con­fig­ure Sell­ers in Life­Topix. You can see the infor­ma­tion for sell­ers in Life­Topix by view­ing the illus­tra­tion below.

Configure Sellers

Once your sell­ers are con­fig­ured, you’ll be able to asso­ciate them to shop­ping items in Life­Topix. This will be con­ve­nient when you’re plan­ning your shop­ping trips.

Con­fig­ur­ing Prod­ucts in LifeTopix

One you’ve con­fig­ured your sell­ers, you can start adding the prod­ucts that you fre­quently buy or that you’ll be plan­ning to buy dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son. Take note —  you can select mul­ti­ple sell­ers for a prod­uct, allow­ing you to choose the best seller depend­ing on loca­tion or other fac­tors. To con­fig­ure prod­ucts, go to Shop­ping -> Con­fig­ure Prod­ucts, and then click the Plus Sign. An exam­ple of a prod­uct is shown in the fol­low­ing illus­tra­tion. 

Configure LifeTopix Seller

Asso­ci­at­ing book­marks and pho­tos is espe­cially help­ful for prod­ucts. You can link web­sites with prod­uct infor­ma­tion or pho­tos of the gifts you wish to purchase.

Orga­niz­ing Gifts for Others

A mas­ter gift list with the gift recip­i­ents; the prod­ucts you want to buy; the prices for each gift; and also any tasks, check­lists, appoint­ments, reminders, book­marks, and files (such as pho­tos) is essen­tial for the orga­nized gift giver. Life­Topix makes cre­at­ing these mas­ter lists sim­ple. To get started, go to Shop­ping -> Gifts for Oth­ers, and then click the Plus Sign. From there, you can set this infor­ma­tion as shown in the fol­low­ing illustrations.

LifeTopix Gift

Once you’ve set this infor­ma­tion, it’s added to your mas­ter gift list and each of these items can be auto­mat­i­cally added as shop­ping items by using the green down arrow and tap­ping Cre­ate Shop­ping Item as shown in the fol­low­ing illustration.

LifeTopix Shopping Item

After you’ve fin­ished your mas­ter list, and you’re ready to start shop­ping, you might wish to cre­ate a shop­ping list because it will pro­vide a total cost and also show you the stores in a map view, which will help you plan your shop­ping trips. More­over, you can col­lab­o­rate on these shop­ping lists with your friends or fam­ily via email or social meda.

Cre­at­ing Shop­ping Lists and Wish Lists

Shop­ping lists have always been a key com­po­nent of Life­Topix. They help you keep track of the things that you buy at the super­mar­ket, hard­ware store, or any other retail estab­lish­ment. When the hol­i­day sea­son arrives, shop­ping lists are even more impor­tant to keep you orga­nized and sane. In the fol­low­ing exam­ple, I’ve cre­ated two shop­ping lists. The first one is my “Christ­mas List,” which includes the gifts I’m plan­ning to pur­chase for oth­ers. The sec­ond list is my “My Christ­mas Wish List,” which includes the items that I would like pur­chased for me. Cre­at­ing shop­ping lists and wish lists is a great way to ensure all your fam­ily mem­bers and friends get what they really want. And col­lab­o­rat­ing with oth­ers ensures you don’t buy the same gift for Sally or Uncle Joe.

LifeTopix Shopping Lists

In the upcom­ing update, we’ve intro­duced a split screen for adding your shop­ping items to your lists, as shown in the fol­low­ing illus­tra­tion. This makes adding items even eas­ier than before.

LifeTopix Shopping List

Also take note that you can view the total cost of all your items if you con­fig­ure the cost for your shop­ping list items, as shown in the fol­low­ing illustration.

LifeTopix Shopping Lists

Keep in mind, in Life­Topix these lists can be shared via email and then opened on the recip­i­ents’ iOS devices and used within Life­Topix. Encour­age your fam­ily mem­bers to use the shar­ing capa­bil­i­ties shown in the fol­low­ing illus­tra­tion to share their wish lists with you. You can open the lists directly from your email in Life­Topix by tap­ping and hold­ing the attach­ment in the email mes­sage, and then tap­ping Open in Life­Topix.

LifeTopix Share Gift List

Because Life­Topix Shop­ping is one of 12 con­nected life top­ics, you can see your shop­ping trips on your mas­ter cal­en­dar if you’ve set a due date. This will help you plan accord­ingly, depend­ing on the other com­mit­ments that you might have.


Plan­ning Your Shop­ping Trips

After you’ve cre­ated your shop­ping lists, and you’re ready to start shop­ping, loca­tion ser­vices can help you max­i­mize the time that you have. If you’ve set an address for your sell­ers as described above, you’ll see the sell­ers on your map and the prod­ucts shown in a list below the map. This will help you plan the most effi­cient route for your hol­i­day shop­ping trip.

We hope this helps you get started with the shop­ping sea­son. Good luck and happy holidays!


  1. Michele
    Apr 21, 2013

    Fab­u­lous! I am so impressed with your respon­sive­ness, but even more so with the inter­ac­tion. It is really cool to be able to influ­ence the product.

    Thank you.

  2. Michele
    Apr 20, 2013

    The more I use your app on my iPad, the more I find it to be EXACTLY what I’ve been look­ing for! After just a few days I feel so much more in con­trol of all that I am respon­si­ble for as a work­ing mom.…… This week­end I have started to see the ben­e­fits of the Shop­ping touch point, espe­cially the gifts for oth­ers. Two things I wish for in a future update are the abil­ity to see the descrip­tion of the gift I need (eg Birth­day Gift or Mother’s Day gift) along with the dol­lar amount and due date. Like­wise, I wish for the abil­ity to include a text note field with shop­ping items. For exam­ple, I need to pur­chase new sheers for my bed­room win­dows. In addi­tion to the quan­tity, I want to indi­cate the size/measurements.

    Please let me know if there is already a way to accom­plish both of these.

    I saw in another post that you are work­ing in assign­ing dates/schedules to Check­lists. I am look­ing for­ward to this func­tion­al­ity as well.

    Thank you for a job WELL DONE!

    • LightArrow
      Apr 20, 2013

      Hi Michele,
      Thank you so much! You rock. We are for­tu­nate to have savvy users like you who truly appre­ci­ate what we’ve done, and also drive and inspire us to improve the app.
      We are actu­ally improv­ing the shop­ping, notes and peo­ple top­ics in the next fea­ture update tar­geted for early May. The shop­ping sug­ges­tions you have made are very much in line with what we are work­ing on, and we’ll make sure the devel­op­ers get your spe­cific requests and do them jus­tice!
      Again, you are awe­some.
      Team LightArrow

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