Get Started Like a Champ!

  • The Power of an All-in-One Organizer

    Congratulations! You just downloaded one of the most powerful all-in-one organizers at the Apple App Store, which is designed to get you or your small business organized and productive.

    We primarily focus on serious users with powerful needs. This is NOT a simple list app!

    This overview demystifies its power and we encourage you to read it in full.

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  • App Overview Video

    Get to know LightArrow Organizer with this 7-minute overview video! This also applies to LifeTopix, and to My.Agenda and Pro.Calendar enhanced with the LifeTopix Pack.

    iOS       Mac

  • Do Simple Things

    Your app is simple to do simple things and you’ll see value as soon as you open it, but also has the power you need for your more complex tasks. Your iOS Calendar and Reminder items are already included and neatly organized in the Agenda and Calendar views under Home.

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  • Do Powerful Things

    This is where your app shines. Do you want to manage a complex project that includes not just tasks, but things like checklists, notes, files, expenses, service providers, payments and more, all in one place? This is the ONLY app that can do it, and date relevant items are automatically shown in your calendar views. Try doing that with a list app!

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  • Secure the app

    You can enable passcode lock, Touch ID and secure your sensitive information.

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  • Set up backup, restore and sync

    We highly recommend that you set up online and email backups in the app. If you use the app on multiple devices, you should also enable sync.

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  • Customize It

    Customize away! Many things in the app can be customized to suit your needs, such as categories, context tags, colors, themes, font sizes, and more.

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  • Watch Videos

    Get the most out of your LightArrow App. Learn how to use LightArrow apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad by watching getting started videos, tutorials, “how to” guides, demos, and video reviews. New videos are added frequently.

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