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Secrets of Power Shopping with LifeTopix

Power shop­ping means spend­ing less time in the stores and more time doing what you really want to do. Life­Topix can help you make your shop­ping trips more effi­cient so you can achieve this goal. Many of you might not think of Life­Topix as a pow­er­ful shop­ping app. Per­haps to your sur­prise, Life­Topix includes many of the fea­tures you would expect in best of breed shop­ping apps such as reusable shop­ping items, loca­tion ser­vices, and col­lab­o­ra­tion features.

What really sets Life­Topix apart from the typ­i­cal shop­ping apps is that its Shop­ping topic infor­ma­tion is avail­able across other Life­Topix top­ics. For exam­ple, the items you need to buy for a trip or event auto­mat­i­cally show up in your Life­Topix Shop­ping lists. The result is a bet­ter orga­nized view of every­thing you buy, need to buy, or had bought for you, and where you shop.

Shop­ping Lists for Events

Let’s dis­cover the power of Life­Topix. Imag­ine your son, Johnny, is going to be attend­ing a field trip to the zoo with his class. You’ve vol­un­teered to be a chap­er­one and to donate items, such as bot­tled water, paper plates, and bananas. As you can see in the fol­low­ing exam­ple, in Life­Topix you can cre­ate an event that shows on your cal­en­dar, and the asso­ci­ated shop­ping list is linked to this event as “Shop­ping Items.” This is what makes cre­at­ing lists with Life­Topix unique — the abil­ity to link them to the items to which they are associated.

Shop­ping Items Database

If you’re like me and buy the same items at Whole Foods, Tar­get, or Home Depot (insert your favorite stores) every week. Life­Topix saves you time because you can cre­ate a data­base of shop­ping items that includes the seller, price, and quan­tity. You can use these items over and over again in your shop­ping lists. You can eas­ily select the shop­ping items that you wish to include in your lists. Those items can be divided among sell­ers or cat­e­gories (such as cloth­ing, gro­ceries, or home + gar­den) and are pre-loaded or user-defined. View­ing lists by sell­ers really makes it easy because there are some items that you might buy from dif­fer­ent retail stores due to lim­ited inven­tory or bet­ter prices.

Loca­tion Services

The key to run­ning errands effi­ciently is plan­ning your day based on the most effi­cient path from point A to point B. Using Loca­tion Ser­vices helps you to plan your route. The Near Me fea­ture gives you one-tap access to a view of the Life­Topix items that are in the vicin­ity of your cur­rent loca­tion. For exam­ple, if you set sell­ers for shop­ping items, you can see the sell­ers in the Near Me view.

Col­lab­o­ra­tion Features

You can eas­ily share your shop­ping list with your spouse, part­ner, or other fam­ily mem­bers via email or SMS. You can also share via Face­book or Twit­ter if you want the list to be pub­lic. Sim­ply click the appro­pri­ate shar­ing icon in the right panel to share the list. Email is a great method to use. The recip­i­ent can open the list directly from the email and view it in their Life­Topix app. They can make changes and send it back, which allows you to col­lab­o­rate on the shop­ping list.

My Apps — Launch Other Apps

Last, but not least, you can launch other apps from Life­Topix, such as bar­code scan­ners, recipe apps, traf­fic apps, and more which truly makes Life­Topix the All-In-One orga­nizer for every­thing you need to make your shop­ping trips efficient.

LifeTopix My Apps

Life­Topix My Apps

Whether you enjoy shop­ping or not, we hope this post helps you make your shop­ping trips more effi­cient so you can spend less time at the store and more time doing the things you really want to do.

You can find Life­Topix at the App Store.

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