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Simple Ingredients for Productivity Success — LifeTopix, Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Get­ting orga­nized and pro­duc­tive might seem like a com­pli­cated endeavor, but with just a few sim­ple ingre­di­ents you can achieve your goal of liv­ing a clutter-free, orga­nized, and pro­duc­tive life. Just like mak­ing bread, you only need the basic ingre­di­ents to achieve the har­mo­nious life that you aspire to live.

Start with the Staples

Just like when bak­ing bread, you start with a recipe to obtain the sta­ples or basics — flour, yeast, water, salt, etc. When search­ing for the ingre­di­ents to help you achieve pro­duc­tiv­ity, you might per­form a Google search for apps, soft­ware, or ser­vices to help you get orga­nized. Gen­er­ally, you’ll find a vari­ety of arti­cles describ­ing the top notes ser­vice (Ever­note), top file stor­age ser­vice (Drop­box), and top col­lab­o­ra­tive doc­u­ment ser­vice (Google Drive). These are the fun­da­men­tal ingre­di­ents to get you started. For exam­ple, if you think of pro­duc­tiv­ity as a loaf of bread, you’ll con­sider these apps as the basic ingre­di­ents of your recipe. And just like a loaf of bread, you’ll need some­thing to hold them together or you’ll have a big mound of dough — that just falls apart — a half-baked solu­tion. This is where Life­Topix comes in — the bak­ing pan that holds it all together.

How Life­Topix Pulls it Together

We con­stantly talk to our users about how they use these top ser­vices (Ever­note, Drop­box, and Google Drive). This influ­enced us to sup­port these ser­vices from within Life­Topix, and also helped us to under­stand how users track rel­e­vant pieces of infor­ma­tion in their proper con­text regard­less of its source. For exam­ple, with Life­Topix you might cre­ate a land­scap­ing project to keep track of the items related to this project. You’ll want to store related files within the con­text of the land­scap­ing project. For exam­ple, you might want to track any receipts or invoices for plants, soil, and other land­scap­ing mate­ri­als — and you’ll want to be able to quickly access these related items. Because Life­Topix is inte­grated with these ser­vices, you can find these items — all from one app (Life­Topix). Never again will you be search­ing for these files through dis­con­nected soft­ware. Take a look at the fol­low­ing dia­gram to visu­al­ize how a project would appear in Life­Topix, and how you can eas­ily add and find related online notes and files.

Evernote, LifeTopix, Dropbox, Google Drive

Life­Topix pro­vides many capa­bil­i­ties for man­ag­ing a project, such as land­scap­ing — and our inte­gra­tion with top online soft­ware enhances your abil­ity to store, locate, and col­lab­o­rate via this soft­ware. The exam­ples below describe how you might use Life­Topix to plan and exe­cute a land­scap­ing project:

  • Cre­ate a task (todo) list — plant seeds and foliage, attach wires to sup­port stakes, dec­o­rate with stones, etc..
  • Sched­ule appoint­ments — call the Util­ity Loca­tor to mark the lawn.
  • Set reminders — water­ing sched­ule, inspect work, etc.
  • Cre­ate book­marks — plant care web­sites, water­ing sched­ules, land­scap­ing blogs, etc.
  • Record audio notes and text notes — cap­ture any­thing through voice or text.
  • Upload pho­tos — take pho­tos of plants, dec­o­ra­tions, invoices, receipts, or contracts.
  • Gather expenses — record each expense for goods and ser­vices related to the project.
  • Man­age ser­vice providers — include all providers related to the project for easy access, shop­ping lists, and expense tracking.
  • Man­age shop­ping items — cre­ate shop­ping lists for prod­ucts, goods, and services.
  • Access all files and notes stored in Drop­box, Ever­note, or Google Drive — col­lab­o­ra­tive word pro­cess­ing docs or spread­sheets, notes, invoices, etc.
  • Share and col­lab­o­rate via Face­book, Text, Email, and Twit­ter — share ideas with friends, fam­ily, and colleagues.

We hope this sparks some ideas of how you would use Life­Topix with Ever­note, Google Drive, and Drop­box to achieve the har­mo­nious, orga­nized, clutter-free life that you aspire to live. Please share how you use Life­Topix to man­age your projects and how our inte­gra­tion has helped you achieve your goals.

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  1. Momentum
    Oct 12, 2012

    This is great, I am down­load­ing it now and test­ing it. I am a big fan of apps like yours but I am hon­estly unsure which way these apps will develop in the future. There are two sce­nar­ios I think are possible:

    1) Peo­ple are becom­ing mind­less and need such tools to orga­nize their con­fus­ing lives through the help of assis­tants. Their sports tracker tells them when and how fast they should go run­ning and their “lifestyle improve­ment app” tells them when it is nec­es­sary to go on a diet.

    2) Peo­ple are let­ting go of tech­nol­ogy and are focus­ing on a more mind­ful approach. It is not nec­es­sary to record every­time you go run­ning, it is not nec­es­sary to record every­thing in your life and being more focused on the record­ing than enjoy the events.

    I don’t know what the major­ity will do, I think it will be the first, rather then the sec­ond. So with that regard, your appli­ca­tion could be a valu­able contribution.

  2. John Branko
    Oct 04, 2012

    I just down­loaded Life­Topix — cool app. Maybe you should rise the price?
    Good luck with this product!

    Any­way, in case that you are using Google Docs, Drop­box, and Ever­note, you might want to check this is basi­cally a ser­vice which can sync all your data between these cloud ser­vices. So all your Ever­note notes will be Google Docs, all even all Google Docs doc­u­ments can sync sync’d with Ever­note. This is great solu­tion for backup, con­sol­i­da­tion of your data, etc.

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