Dear Loyal Users,

Team LightArrow is busy putting the finishing touches on the next major versions of all our apps!

We expect this update to be available this February. We have taken our time to make it a very meaningful update that takes feedback from the most engaged folks from our community of 100,000+ users, and brings forward many of our original innovations we’ve been working on for a very long time. The Roadmap page gives a better list of new features – several are not listed as we don’t wish to give it away yet. Here’s a sneak peak!

First: New Icons for LifeTopix and My.Agenda

Flatter, more iOS 7 compliant – they look beautiful on your device! We are not yet sharing the icons for the new apps we are about to release.



Agenda View: A more efficient layout

We have introduced tiles for cleaner and more efficient layout in several views. All views now utilize colors for items based on topic and item type.


My Topics: Topics now have colors

Topics have assigned colors, and the items that primarily belong to a topic inherit the topic color, regardless where they show. We support color by context tags as well.

Some topics have been renamed to support new capabilities: Health + Goals, and Bookmarks + Lockers for example.


Near Me: Lots of new stuff


People + Services: Manage relationships like a pro!

More data, better view, more actions!


Contacts: A business class way to manage them

Also, assign photos to contacts (and other topic items).


Health + Goals: Manage goals for your life/business


There is a lot more in this update. We are holding back sharing some powerful features in several areas, especially related to contacts, inboxes.

Our sincere thanks! We appreciate your involvement, and we thank you for your patience – we are working like crazy to make this an amazing update!

Team LightArrow

Austin, Texas