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The Home + Assets topic enables you to man­age infor­ma­tion about your home or busi­ness and the assets that you own. The goal of the Home + Assets topic is to help you keep track of the things that you own or rent and the details about these items. This is impor­tant for insur­ance rea­sons in case of a loss or when main­tain­ing the items for your home or busi­ness. For exam­ple, it’s a good idea to keep track of the details about your auto­mo­bile, such as the pur­chase date, cost, cur­rent value, VIN #, man­u­fac­turer, pho­tos, scanned insur­ance cards, and other details. If your auto­mo­bile is ever stolen or lost, you’ll have all its infor­ma­tion stored in one place. In addi­tion, you can remind your­self when to ser­vice your vehi­cle, and you can also record any expenses and receipts related to the ser­vice. This applies to all the home and busi­ness assets that you track.


Asset: All the bank and cash accounts that are defined.

Home + Asset Ser­vices: The ser­vices (such as land­scape main­te­nance, oil changes, repairs, etc.) that occur for your assets. Touch­point to the Home + Assets cat­e­gory of ser­vices in Peo­ple + Services.


Touch­points allow rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion to be shared seam­lessly between Home + Assets and Peo­ple + Ser­vices. For exam­ple, you may have a land­scap­ing ser­vice or a mechanic who per­forms reg­u­larly sched­uled auto main­te­nance. You can define these ser­vice providers directly from within Home + Assets as you are defin­ing the home and car and they will show up auto­mat­i­cally in Peo­ple + Ser­vices. Or, if you have already defined those ser­vice providers in Peo­ple + Ser­vices, you can link to them directly as you are defin­ing your home and car in the Home + Assets topic.


Cat­e­gories are avail­able for use with assets. You can cre­ate, mod­ify, hide, or delete cat­e­gories via Set­tings for the asset. When an asset cat­e­gory is deleted, it is com­pletely removed from your app. When an asset cat­e­gory is hid­den, it no longer appears as a cat­e­gory for assets, but it remains defined in the app and is still avail­able in the cat­e­gory list when you are defin­ing a new asset. Note that asset cat­e­gories that are in use or serve as touch­points to another topic can­not be deleted or hidden.


Any expense or service-related item that’s open and due in the future for five days appears in the Alerts sec­tion of the Home + Assets view.


For infor­ma­tion about cre­at­ing and mod­i­fy­ing Assets, refer to Assets.


For infor­ma­tion about cre­at­ing and mod­i­fy­ing Ser­vices, refer to Ser­vices.

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