NOTE: This help page applies to both LifeTopix (and other classic LightArrow apps) as well as to LightArrow Organizer for iOS and Mac. So, the screenshots and directions may vary slightly based on the app you’re using.

In your LightArrow app, you can set up usernames and passwords so you can easily find this information when you’re accessing a website for a service provider, such as a bank, or other type of object. Ensure that you’ve set up a PIN in your Settings before using online access.

Keep in mind; your data is always stored only on your device, unless you choose to use Cloud sync via Dropbox, Box, or other cloud services. In addition,  your LightArrow secret data is secure with military grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is one of the most commonly used and secure encryption algorithms available today.


How to set up Online Access:

  1. Tap the Online Access tile from the item’s tile (e.g. a Service Provider, such as a Bank) you wish to set online access for.
  2. Name the online access.
  3. Type the URL directly or tap the Web icon to search for the website.
  4. When the site is fully loaded or after you’ve entered the URL, tap Save.
  5. Enter an optional comment.
  6. Enter your username.
  7. Enter your password.
  8. Online Access is added as a category by default.
  9. Optionally add context tags by tapping the Context Tags tile.
  10. Tap Save.

How to view your Online Access credentials:

  1. When you access the object that includes online access, tap the Online Access tile and then tap View.
  2. Tap the Lock icon at the top of the view.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. The login name and password appears at the top.