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This help is a super­set of all help mate­ri­als for all LightAr­row apps based on the LightAr­row App Engine 8. Online Help that applies to Life­Topix also applies to My.Agenda; how­ever, some help may not be applic­a­ble depend­ing on the top­ics and pack­ages that you’ve pur­chased via the in-app pur­chases. Some apps are a sub­set of the full func­tion­al­ity, such as our shop­ping and note-taking apps.


Touch­points link top­ics, and they are the keys to the power of your LightAr­row app. A touch­point allows you to define infor­ma­tion within one topic and then lever­age that infor­ma­tion in other top­ics. This gives you the abil­ity to relate infor­ma­tion in the man­ner that is most nat­ural for you. For exam­ple, if you are in Travel + Places defin­ing a trip you plan to take, the tasks you spec­ify for that trip are auto­mat­i­cally acces­si­ble via Tasks + Projects. Or, if you define a new ser­vice provider in Events + Appoint­ments for an party you are host­ing, that provider is also acces­si­ble from Peo­ple + Ser­vices. Touch­points pro­vide a log­i­cal way to think about infor­ma­tion, and they enable you to avoid dupli­ca­tion of data by elim­i­nat­ing the need to re-enter infor­ma­tion in mul­ti­ple places.

My Top­ics View

In Life­Topix or My.Agenda, the My Top­ics view is the por­tal into the 12 top­ics that the apps pro­vide. Smaller apps may only rep­re­sent one of the top­ics, such as Notes or Shop­ping — plus addi­tional com­mon func­tion­al­ity. The top­ics are described below.

Quick Menu

There are but­tons avail­able at the bot­tom left nav­i­ga­tion pane of the Dash­board by tap­ping the Quick Menu. Refer to Quick Menu for more information.

Dash­board buttons

These but­tons are avail­able on the left side of the Dashboard:

Agenda Home/Agenda: to view an overview or out­line of the things that you need to accom­plish today, tomor­row and the next seven days, includ­ing check­lists and to-dos
Hot List Hot List: to eas­ily add your favorite and most com­monly used views and items for quick access
My Topics My Top­ics: to access the 12 life topics
 Calendar My Cal­en­dar: to access the cal­en­dar views
Recent Recent: to show the most recently updated items for the last 1 — 60 days
Inboxes My Inboxes: for ubiq­ui­tous cap­ture of every­thing (includ­ing email and social media mes­sages) — enabling you to quickly cap­ture items and con­vert them to action­able items
Contexts My Con­texts: to orga­nize items by defin­ing con­texts such as phys­i­cal loca­tion, resource, or the equip­ment that’s nec­es­sary to com­plete a task
Near Me Near Me: to acquire loca­tion and use foursquare® to search for busi­nesses, events, etc.
My Apps My Apps: to launch your favorite apps from a cen­tral location
Engage Engage: to dis­cover new fea­tures; learn about known issues; read online news and hints; tell your friends; and con­tact support
 Settings Set­tings: to cus­tomize your app to match your needs and to access Cloud Sync
 toolbar_search_blue@2x Search: to search for topic items

Addi­tional Features

  • device-to-device auto­matic sync via Drop­box™, Box™, iCloud™ (Beta — tech­nol­ogy pre­view), OneDrive™ (Beta - tech­nol­ogy pre­view), and Google Drive (Beta - tech­nol­ogy preview)
  • inte­gra­tion with Too­dledo®, Ever­note®, Asana™, foursquare®, and Google Drive/Tasks
  • uni­fied Agenda View
  • user-customizable dash­board
  • social media dashboard
  • geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion aware­ness for rel­e­vant items
  • email shar­ing and social media support
  • out-of-the-box hier­ar­chi­cal cat­e­gories and sam­ple data
  • sup­port for user-defined categories
  • iOS 7 optimized
  • Retina dis­play optimized
  • inte­grated backup and restore utility
  • tap­pable inline phone, email, and web links
  • pro­duc­tiv­ity opti­miza­tions (Quick Inbox, Quick Add, Quick View, Check­lists, and built-in search)
  • context-sensitive help

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