This help is a superset of all help materials for all LightArrow apps based on the LightArrow App Engine 8. Online Help that applies to LifeTopix also applies to My.Agenda; however, some help may not be applicable depending on the topics and packages that you’ve purchased via the in-app purchases. Some apps are a subset of the full functionality, such as our shopping and note-taking apps.


Touchpoints link topics, and they are the keys to the power of your LightArrow app. A touchpoint allows you to define information within one topic and then leverage that information in other topics. This gives you the ability to relate information in the manner that is most natural for you. For example, if you are in Travel + Places defining a trip you plan to take, the tasks you specify for that trip are automatically accessible via Tasks + Projects. Or, if you define a new service provider in People + Services for a party you are hosting, that provider is also accessible from Events + Appointments. Touchpoints provide a logical way to think about information, and they enable you to avoid duplication of data by eliminating the need to re-enter information in multiple places.

My Topics View

In LifeTopix or My.Agenda, the My Topics view is the portal into the 12 topics that the apps provide. Smaller apps may only represent one of the topics, such as Notes or Shopping — plus additional common functionality. The topics are described below.

Quick Menu

There are buttons available at the bottom left navigation pane of the Dashboard by tapping the Quick Menu. Refer to Quick Menu for more information.

Dashboard buttons

These buttons are available on the left side of the Dashboard:


Home/Agenda: your Home view may vary depending on the app you’ve purchased. Generally, it allows you to view an overview or outline of the things that you need to accomplish today, tomorrow and the next seven days, including checklists and to-dos (OR) provides a view for creating notes, shopping, bookmarks/lockers, etc. — depending upon your app.

Hot List

Hot List: to eas­ily add your favorite and most commonly used views and items for quick access


My Topics

My Topics: to access the 12 life topics



My Calendar: to access the calendar views



Recent: to show the most recently updated items for the last 1 – 60 days



My Inboxes: for ubiquitous capture of everything (including email and social media messages) — enabling you to quickly capture items and convert them to actionable items



My Contexts: to organize items by defining contexts such as physical location, resource, or the equipment that’s necessary to complete a task


Near Me

Near Me: to acquire location and use foursquare® to search for businesses, events, etc.


My Apps

My Apps: to launch your favorite apps from a central location



Engage: to discover new features; learn about known issues; read online news and hints; tell your friends about your app; and contact support



Settings: to customize your app to match your needs and to access Cloud Sync



Search: to search for topic item


Additional Features

  • Device-to-device automatic sync via Dropbox™, Box™, iCloud™ (Beta – technology preview), OneDrive™ (Beta – technology preview), and Google Drive (Beta – technology preview)
  • Integration with Toodledo®, Evernote®, Asana™, foursquare®, and Google Drive/Tasks
  • Unified Agenda View
  • User-customizable dashboard
  • Social media dashboard
  • Geographical location awareness for relevant items
  • Email sharing and social media support
  • Out-of-the-box hierarchical categories and sample data
  • Support for user-defined categories
  • iOS 7 optimized
  • Retina display optimized
  • Integrated backup and restore utility
  • Tappable inline phone, email, and web links
  • Productivity optimizations (Quick Inbox, Quick Add, Quick View, Checklists, and built-in search)
  • Context-sensitive help