NOTE: This introduction and overview is a superset of information for all LightArrow apps based on the LightArrow App Engine 8. Online Help that applies to LifeTopix also applies to My.Agenda, Pro.Calendar and Pro.Inbox, however, some help may not be applicable depending on the topics and packages that you’ve purchased via the in-app purchases. Some apps (shopping, notes, health and locker apps) are a focused subset of the full functionality.

All in One Power

Welcome from Team LightArrow, Austin, Texas. We did not build yet another simple list app or a toy app. There are already hundreds of those. If you need a simple to-do list app, we recommend Apple’s free Reminders app. The sheer power of our app is overwhelming to some. We aim to demystify its power with this overview. We recommend you go through this overview completely in order to truly appreciate the app’s power and value.

Why Did We Build Such a Huge App?

We feel when you use a dozen different apps to do a dozen different things, you are constantly hopping between those apps. Notes are in one app, shopping in another, your calendar is on its own, and projects, tasks, expenses, files, checklists, trips, contacts are all scattered, with no links between them.

You lose track of what is where. Users are getting tired of dealing with “app overload” with hundreds of little apps, each with questionable value. Some are cool and fun, but you can only go so far with a cute little list app. Try managing your home or business assets or projects in an app that only does little list items, as colorful as them may be.

What are the Benefits of a Complete App?

The app is simple to do simple things, but also has the power you need for your more complex needs.

Simple: Get Value As Soon As You Install! Your iOS Calendar and Reminder items are already included and neatly organized in the Agenda and Calendar views under Home. From the Home view itself, you can easily add new things with a tap or two. Frequently used items can be added to the Hot List for easy access. Recently created or modified items are right there in the Recent view. For everyday things like to-do lists, notes, and calendars, it does not get any simpler!

Powerful! This is where the app shines. Want to manage a complex project  that includes not just tasks but things like checklists, notes, files, expenses, service providers, payments and much more, all in one place? This is the ONLY app that can do it, and date relevant items are automatically shown in your calendar views. Try doing that with a list app!

REAL All-in-One! We did not make one of those fake “all-in-one apps” that just adds lists or notes or shopping to a overly weak task app and calls it “all-in-one.” No. We actually carefully selected 12 main topics and many more sub-topics that are relevant to highly organized individuals, business professionals and productivity enthusiasts, things that go together, naturally connected, intelligently connected via our unique “touchpoints” technology – which started four years ago. We are in it for the long haul, constantly improving our apps with sincere feedback from 100,000+ engaged users as much as our own ideas. All the while, we have constantly innovated to keep simple things simple, while letting you unleash the power of the app (as you choose) for your true “business-class” needs.

See the Power of an All In One App in Action

First Things First

Customize away! You can set your font size, theme colors and much more in the My Settings section under the app’s Settings view. Play with that – it’s fun!

You can secure data and access to the app in the Settings view as well, setting a passcode and a PIN for sensitive data.

You can easily configure backups from the Settings view, specifying Dropbox or other services we support for backups and sync, as well as set up easy email backups.

Why So Many Main Views?

Indeed, we have tons of main (dashboard) views, while simple list and calendar apps typically just have one main view. Allow us to demystify. As you will see, each view in the app serves a unique purpose. Each one is designed carefully to let you do and see specific things, even though the Home view is the most frequently used view for day-to-day usage.

The help icon on the top of each view explains its primary purpose.

For our main “calendar” based all-in-one apps (LifeTopix, Pro.Calendar, My.Agenda), the Home view presents the Agenda and Calendar views – powerful ones. For the topic specific apps (My.Shopping, My.Notes, Pro.Notes, Pro.Lockers, My.Self, and Pro.Inbox), the Home view presents the main topic for those apps.

The main views vary by which app you have, or what in-app-purchases you have made for optional modules.

Home/Agenda/Calendar: All date relevant items are automatically shown in your Agenda, Day, Week, Month and Year views. Tap on the view option icon on the top right of any calendar view to see the things your way. The filter lets you include (or weed out) things for your views. It remembers your choices automatically.

Hot List: Eas­ily add your favorite and most commonly used views and items for quick access

Topics: Access the 12 life topics – this varies by app, and what in-app purchases you have. You will be blown away by the depth of features.

Recent: See the most recently updated items for the last 1 – 60 days

Inboxes: Powerfully capture and act on everything (including email and social media messages) – enabling you to quickly capture items and convert them to actionable items

Contexts: Organize items by defining contexts such as physical location, resource or the equipment that’s necessary to complete a task

Near Me: Find your tasks, shopping items, contacts, appointments and more – near where you are, or at any specific location. Use foursquare® to search for restaurants, businesses, events, etc.

Apps: Launch your favorite apps from a central location.

Help Center: Integrated help content, engage with us, and spread the good word!

Settings: Customize your app’s behavior to match your needs, secure, backup, and sync.

Search: Easily Search for items in our app.

What is a Quick Menu?

Tap on the Quick Menu icon on the bottom left from any main view – you’ll immediately see how it lets you do many things quickly, like add a new item, log an activity, etc.

What are Touchpoints?

Touchpoints link topics, and they are the keys to the power of your LightArrow app. A touchpoint allows you to define information within one topic and then leverage that information in other topics. This gives you the ability to relate information in the manner that is most natural for you. For example, if you are in Travel + Places defining a trip you plan to take, the tasks you specify for that trip are automatically accessible via Tasks + Projects. Or, if you define a new service provider in People + Services for a party you are hosting, that provider is also accessible from Events + Appointments. Touchpoints provide a logical way to think about information, and they enable you to avoid duplication of data by eliminating the need to re-enter information in multiple places.

What Other Features Make This A True Super App?

  • Device-to-device automatic sync via Dropbox™, Box™, iCloud™, OneDrive™ (Beta – technology preview), and Google Drive (Beta – technology preview)
  • Integration with Toodledo®, Evernote®, Asana™, foursquare®, and Google Drive/Tasks
  • Unified Agenda View
  • User-customizable dashboard
  • Social media dashboard
  • Geographical location awareness for relevant items
  • Email sharing and social media support
  • Out-of-the-box hierarchical categories and sample data
  • Support for user-defined categories
  • iOS 8 optimized
  • Retina display optimized
  • Integrated backup and restore utility
  • Tappable inline phone, email, and web links
  • Productivity optimizations (Quick Inbox, Quick Add, Quick View, Checklists, and built-in search)
  • Context-sensitive help

Why Do All LightArrow Apps Look Similar?

All our apps are based on a powerful technology base we have built over the last four years called the LightArrow App Engine. They all share a consistent look-and-feel, and benefit from a significantly evolved common set of powerful features. If you are technology curious, you can learn more here.

Which is the Right App for Me?

We have built and packaged several apps with the right set of features for specific user needs. You can compare our apps here.

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