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You can find the Quick Menu at the bot­tom of your LightAr­row app. It gives you quick access to the fol­low­ing functions:


Quick Add gives you rapid access to cre­at­ing new items.

How to use Quick Add:

  1. Locate the Quick Menu at the bot­tom left of the left pane of the Dash­board, tap it, and then tap the plus sign to dis­play the Quick Add action panel.
  2. If you wish to cre­ate a new item (Task, Project, Shop­ping Item, Appoint­ment, Reminder, Host­ing Event, Attend­ing Event, iOS Cal­en­dar Item, iOS Reminder, Check­list, Note, File, Book­mark, Locker, Expense, Trip, Vis­i­tor, Con­tact, Ser­vice Provider, Asset, Audio, Draw­ing, Photo, Video or Inbox Item), tap the type of object you wish to create.
  3. Enter the details for the cho­sen item, then tap Save.


Quickly log health and activ­ity items, such as run­ning, weight, etc. Log items can be con­fig­ured in the Health + Goals topic.

How to use Quick Log:

  1. If you wish to add an entry to one of the Health + Activ­ity logs (Log Form, Activ­ity, Nutri­tion, Health Stat, Med­ica­tion, or Well­ness), locate the Quick Menu at the bot­tom left of the left pane of the Dash­board and tap it.
  2. Next, tap the log icon (run­ning per­son), and then tap the log you wish to add an entry to.
  3. Next, enter your data, and then tap Save.


Quickly access com­mon backup, restore, and sync functions.

How to use Quick Sync/Backup:

  1. If you wish to quickly back up to email, back up to an online folder, or per­form an on-demand sync, then use this selection.
  2. Tap the sync icon (cloud), and make a selec­tion from the menu.

For more infor­ma­tion, refer to:


To quickly set up a pass­code or quickly lock your app, type the pass­code icon (lock).

For more infor­ma­tion about pass­codes, refer to Secure Your Data.

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