Tempo Smart Calendar Discontinued: LightArrow Has A Top All-in-One Productivity App as an Alternative

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If you’re using the Tempo Smart Calendar® app, you’re probably disappointed to learn that according to their website, the Tempo app will be discontinued on June 30, 2015, which is right around the corner. This development is due to the acquisition of the startup by Salesforce.

If you’re a small business owner or independent user of productivity solutions, you might feel left behind. It doesn’t appear that Tempo is providing data migration, but since the Tempo app works with your existing device calendar, your events should be intact.

LifeTopix is a Great Alternative to your Discontinued Smart Calendar

This is the good news. Our apps (LifeTopix, Pro.Calendar and My.Agenda) are excellent alternatives to Tempo for personal and business productivity. LifeTopix is LightArrow’s flagship app, which has been in development with continuous improvements since 2010. It’s a top app, which you can find in the Productivity section of the Apple App Store.

Today’s post includes a comparison with side-by-side screenshots of the Tempo Smart Calendar app and the LifeTopix app. We believe that LifeTopix is a viable option for those who have been left behind. The information we’re providing today will help you decide if LifeTopix is the right app for you.

This post is written by the makers of LifeTopix; however, we’re striving to keep it unbiased so you can make an informed decision on whether LifeTopix is appropriate for your needs.

Thoughts About Artificial Intelligence

If you’re using Tempo because you appreciate the advanced artificial intelligence (e.g. it combs through your email, calendar entries, online services and social media and it applies that information to your calendar entries to make them more detailed), LifeTopix might not be for you. However, if you’re using Tempo because you need a comprehensive calendar experience, better personal organization and improved business productivity, you will find that LifeTopix will meet and exceed your expectations.

Keep in mind that LifeTopix is getting smarter as the development progresses. For example, “smart” conversion is provided when converting email messages to other LifeTopix objects. In addition, supporting information can be added to just about any type of item in LifeTopix making your calendar entries a central place to hold important information.


Tempo is provided in many different languages and LifeTopix is currently English only. Please take this into consideration when deciding if LifeTopix is right for you.

The Calendar Views

LifeTopix and Tempo have excellent calendar views, which both include Daily, Monthly, Yearly and List views. Below are the comparisons of these views between the apps:

Daily Views

LifeTopix and Tempo both include daily views, which are very similar. Both apps work with the calendars that your iOS device supports and both allow you to specify the calendar(s) from which you wish to display events. The apps support reminders and calendar events; however, LifeTopix also provides you with other item types, such as tasks, projects, shopping items, notes, checklists, expenses, bills, trips, visitors and inbox items (for GTD®).

LifeTopix includes an easy way to return to the current day or any other day by tapping the red dot, while I find with Tempo it’s difficult to locate a different day from this view.

LifeTopix Daily View

LifeTopix Daily View

Tempo Daily View

Tempo Daily View

Weekly Views

LifeTopix and Tempo both include weekly calendar views, which are very similar. LifeTopix also includes an alternate view giving you additional flexibility. LifeTopix provides views for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days. The Tempo app allows viewing of 1 or 2 weeks at a time.

The LifeTopix weekly calendar view shows the text for all events for the week.  The Tempo weekly view shows the text of events when you tap on the day. Both apps allow you to drill down into an event or other item by tapping on it. Tempo’s events appear in a new view, while LifeTopix’s events pop up and you can choose whether or not to open another view for additional details.

LifeTopix Weekly Calendar View

LifeTopix Weekly View

LifeTopix Weekly Calendar Alternate

LifeTopix Weekly View


Tempo Weekly Calendar View

Tempo Weekly View

Monthly Views

LifeTopix and Tempo both include monthly calendar views, which are very similar. The LifeTopix monthly calendar view shows the text for all events for the month, and also includes an alternate view if you don’t want to see all of this detail.

Just like the weekly calendar view, both apps allow you to drill down into an event or other item by tapping on it. Tempo’s events appear in a new view, while LifeTopix’s events pop up and you can choose whether or not to open another view for additional details.

LifeTopix Monthly View

LifeTopix Monthly View

LifeTopix Monthly View


Tempo Monthly View

Tempo Monthly View

List Views

List Views are an excellent way to view events and things to do. Both apps include list views to help you stay productive.

LifeTopix includes two different list views — the Agenda view and the Year view. LifeTopix also integrates checklists/to do lists into the Agenda view. LifeTopix flags all your overdue items to keep you on track in the Agenda view. The LifeTopix list views include a variety of different items types. These items include tasks, notes, projects etc. Keep in mind that LifeTopix works with Evernote®, Toodledo®, and Asana™. You can view items from these applications through on the calendar.

Tempo includes your events and reminders in a list view and adds new information that it finds from your contacts, email, social media, etc. If a location is found it also adds directions as needed and helps you find parking.

Both apps allow you easily contact an associated person via the item on the calendar; however, LifeTopix does not provide pre-populated responses.

LifeTopix Agenda View

LifeTopix Agenda View

LifeTopix Yearly View

LifeTopix Yearly View

Tempo List View


LifeTopix includes a variety of items to add (trips, projects, events, iOS events, tasks, reminders, etc.). Each different type of item includes a unique interface that is relevant for the type of item selected. In the example below, we include an image of a trip. Tempo includes its own type of event and gives you the option of pulling information from email and docs to complete any missing information or to augment the information that’s provided.

Tempo and LifeTopix both include location for an event or trip; Tempo includes driving directions and parking options. LifeTopix includes a separate location-aware view, which provides information from Foursquare® for restaurants, entertainment, museums and other types of items near your current location (but currently does not provide driving directions).

LifeTopix Trip

LifeTopix Trip

LifeTopix Location View

Tempo Event

Tempo Event


Tempo shows you upcoming contacts, with one-touch access to contact data. Both apps show events and other items associated with contacts that are selected. Tempo allows connection to LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, Phone and Twitter and LifeTopix allows connection to Facebook, Email, Phone and Twitter.

Where LifeTopix really shines is its impressive contact management through the Pro Contacts Pack in-app purchase. Watch LightArrow’s CRM videos to learn more about these features. This pack adds custom forms for contacts, configurable contact grid view, contact log and CSV import/export. It also allows data items such as tasks, appointments, reminders, notes, files, bookmarks, and expenses to be associated with contacts.

LifeTopix Contact

LifeTopix Contact

Tempo Contact

Tempo Contact

LightArrow Has Flexible Options

LightArrow provides different apps that start at various price points to meet your needs. None of our apps include subscriptions fees.

Compare LightArrow Apps Here



Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about LifeTopix. We’re happy to help at any time.

Tempo Smart Calendar® is a registered trademark of Tempo AI, Inc.

Marilyn Rogers

Marilyn Rogers

Marketing Director

Marilyn is the Marketing Director at LightArrow, Inc., the makers of LifeTopix, a complete productivity app and organizer available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. She is a regular contributor to the Life Blog from LightArrow, which is a blog dedicated to sharing tips and tricks about LightArrow products, personal productivity, time management, organization, and getting things done.

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