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The LifeTopix App Helps those with Attention Deficit Disorder

Recently one of our val­ued cus­tomers remarked that Life­Topix is a must-have app to help with orga­niz­ing her life. She is liv­ing with Adult Atten­tion Deficit Dis­or­der (AADD). She con­fessed that in the past she used a lot of dif­fer­ent apps that man­aged her life data and cal­en­dar, but she had trou­ble remem­ber­ing which app held her infor­ma­tion. If you or your child have been diag­nosed with ADD/ADHD, and the iPhone or iPad is part of your strat­egy for improve­ment, we encour­age you to take a look at LifeTopix.

If you are unfa­mil­iar with this com­mon dis­or­der, some of the major symp­toms include being eas­ily dis­tracted, miss­ing details, for­get­ting things, and fre­quently switch­ing from one activ­ity to another. Those liv­ing with ADD/ADHD also have dif­fi­culty main­tain­ing focus on one task and may become bored with a task after only a few min­utes. Some of the signs include lack of focus on orga­niz­ing, trou­ble learn­ing some­thing new, trou­ble com­plet­ing home­work assign­ments, and often los­ing things.

There are sev­eral apps at the App Store cre­ated to help adults and chil­dren with ADD/ADHD. These apps include sim­ple alarm clocks to encour­age you to get to school or work each day on time; reminders to help with med­ica­tion; apps to store emer­gency con­tacts; apps to store notes and reports for review­ing with your doc­tor; and apps to store health sta­tis­tics. It’s fan­tas­tic that these apps are avail­able, but they don’t solve the core prob­lem that there’s not one place to man­age every­thing. Man­ag­ing every­thing in one place is essen­tial for suc­cess to elim­i­nate dis­trac­tions from “app switch­ing.” When you spend your time switch­ing from app to app, the task at hand takes longer than it should — or doesn’t hap­pen at all because some­thing grabs your atten­tion, and you for­get what you were try­ing to accom­plish in the first place. At LightAr­row, we’ve devel­oped Life­Topix to solve this core prob­lem — we man­age EVERYTHING you do in life — all in one place.

I’ll intro­duce you to a few fea­tures that can help adults and chil­dren cope with ADD/ADHD. There’s an exhaus­tive list of fea­tures, so I highly rec­om­mend that you explore the LightAr­row web­site to get a full pic­ture of how you can ben­e­fit from LifeTopix.

Daily to-do list
Accord­ing to Psych Cen­tral “When things get busy, ADHD symp­toms can lead a per­son to lose per­spec­tive. On a daily level, to-do lists can help orga­nize your sched­ule accord­ing to the impor­tance of each activ­ity.” Life­Topix includes fea­tures which enable you to cre­ate, sched­ule, and pri­or­i­tize using to-do lists, as shown below.

To-do List

To-do List

All of these items roll up into your mas­ter cal­en­dar, and you can track daily progress.

Your Daily Planner

Accord­ing to, a non-profit resource that helps peo­ple who have men­tal, emo­tional, and lifestyle chal­lenges, it is impor­tant for those with ADD/ADHD to “make use of lists and notes to keep track of reg­u­larly sched­uled tasks, projects, dead­lines, and appoint­ments. If you decide to use a daily plan­ner, keep all lists and notes inside it.” Life­Topix allows you to accom­plish this via its vir­tual daily plan­ner. It is based on 12 Life­Topix.

Life­Topix gives you the abil­ity to enter, orga­nize, pri­or­i­tize, track and check off even the most com­plex tasks and projects in a stream­lined, nat­ural, and easy-to-understand way. It also works with pop­u­lar apps such as Ever­note, Too­dledo, and Drop­box — elim­i­nat­ing the need to switch to those apps if you’ve stored notes, files, or tasks there. Take a look at the My Cal­en­dar view, which includes a rollup of all the data that you are track­ing every  day in LifeTopix

My Calendar Rollup

My Cal­en­dar Rollup

Progress Reports

Accord­ing to Psych Cen­tral, a moti­va­tional strat­egy for chil­dren with ADHD is to estab­lish a Daily Report Card. Life­Topix is com­pletely user con­fig­urable — you can cre­ate your own report card with any val­ues you wish using the Life­Topix Well­ness Log Forms. An exam­ple of well­ness log val­ues are shown below.

Wellness Log

Well­ness Log

You can choose to log any stats with any range of val­ues or num­bers. For exam­ple, the fol­low­ing report card was cre­ated to track the num­ber of times  unde­sir­able behav­iors occurred dur­ing a day (on a user-defined scale of 1–10). You can track this data every day, every week, or every month — it’s up to you to decide. Teach­ers can cre­ate report cards for stu­dents and email the report cards to par­ents; alter­na­tively par­ents can track these behav­iors on their own to dis­cuss with doc­tors dur­ing appointments.

Report Card List

Report Card List

You can also view the data in a graph form (line, bar, or plot), which allows you to view and ana­lyze any trends that occur over time, as shown below.

Report Card Graph

Report Card Graph

Med­ica­tion Tracking

Using Life­Topix Well­ness Log Forms, you can  track how you or your child are feel­ing each day to judge med­ica­tion effec­tive­ness. You can com­bine med­ica­tions and well­ness into a Life­Topix Multi-Topic Log Form so you can track the med­ica­tions that you take and your well­ness — all in one place. Sim­i­lar to the Daily Report Card, you can view the data in a chart to ana­lyze trends that occur over time.

For exam­ple, you can track the med­ica­tions you are tak­ing, hours you slept, your mood, your energy level, your abil­ity to com­plete tasks, etc. All of these val­ues can be com­pletely defined by you — as shown below.

Medication and Wellness

Med­ica­tion and Wellness

Nutri­tion Tracking

Accord­ing to Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The ADD Answer: How to Help Your Child Now, a healthy diet is impor­tant for all chil­dren and adults, but it is even more impor­tant for those who suf­fer from ADD/ADHD. To help you or your child  stay on track,  and to ana­lyze any asso­ci­a­tions between behav­ior, well­ness, and the foods and drinks you are con­sum­ing, Life­Topix pro­vides a Nutri­tion Log, as shown below. Once again, you can define the val­ues any way you wish.

Nutrition Log

Nutri­tion Log

We hope this brief overview helps you see how Life­Topix can help you man­age your life when you’re liv­ing with ADD/ADHD. Please let us know your thoughts and share your stories.

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