Three Home Businesses that You Can Instantly Start

Guest post from Andrea Bell who is a Freelance writer and a content contributor at, which provides angularJS and big data hadoop training.

Startups are booming as more and more people now thinking of starting their own businesses, instead of joining multinational corporations that offer them a fixed salary.

According to Small Business Trends, more than 50 percent of the businesses (startups and established ones) are home based. This is good news for people who are planning to start their own business, and thinking that investing in an office (at the moment) might not really be a great idea. The bad news is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. The ones who actually make a living out of home based businesses will be the first to confirm this. The truth is you cannot work in PJs as it can affect your productivity. You cannot have kids running around in your home office, and above all, you cannot take random breaks and quick naps during your work hours. At the same time, it is also important to remember that if others can become successful at it, so can you.

This post however is not about the important rules you need to set for your home business but about the kind of businesses that are easy to start from home and don’t require much capital to set things up and started.

Web Development Home Businesses

There are two reasons why I picked this industry to include in my list. Number 1: Having an online entity for any business is a must. As businesses understand the importance of their online presence, good web designers are increasingly in demand. Number 2: Many people are already doing this from home.

You don’t really need a license or degree to get started (although there are institutes that offer web design and development courses including Angularjs and Java). All you need is the skill to develop state-of-the-art websites and a computer that is fit for the job.

Once you have that, go on to create your own website first and display the work you have done in the past so that people looking for a web developer can look at your work and hire you immediately. Now the question is, how will potential clients find you? It’s easy. There are two ways to get this done. 1: You can go to events and conferences and exchange your cards with people looking to hire web developers. The drawback of this approach is that it’s a long shot that requires a longer period of time and effort to gets established in the market.

There is another more simple way out. You can upload your work on portfolio websites like and sign in with websites like, Upwork, Guru and others. Once you have created these profiles, all you have to do is observe the available jobs and bid on them. If you win the bid, you get the client.

Get the work done, deliver it on time and see the money transferred into your account within a matter of hours. Also, don’t forget to ask for customer reviews and add them on your website as well as your freelance profiles as this will get you more clients in the longer run.

Content Marketing Home Businesses

After a lot of work on AI and robotics, it seems like most types of jobs can and will be completed by machines in times to come, but there’s one job that machines can never do – and that’s content writing and marketing. This is because writing is not math, its art, and even the most intelligent machine cannot produce a piece of art.

In order to start your business as a content writer; you need a computer, a lot of research and an ability to write content that resonates with the audience. The best part of this is that you can do all of it from your home office. To kick-start your business, all you need is a website or blog where you can showcase your skills to convert a visitor into a paying customer. You also require some basic knowledge on how to promote your work online so more people can find and give you writing gigs.

How much can you earn from your content writing business? It depends on how much value you can offer to your clients. Clients will pay you on an hourly basis or per word but honestly, if you have a writing style that can captivate minds, bring traffic and increase conversions for a business, charge for the value that you can bring to your clients and not for how many words you include in a piece.

Once you have a few happy clients, you can always retain them and get new ones from referrals. To get your first few clients, visit websites like Pro Blogger, Morning Coffee Newsletter and Media Bistro’s freelance section that can get you writing jobs in literally a few days, or hours.

Craftsmanship Home Businesses

Let me start with Seth Godin’s quote from his book Linchpin:

Art isn’t only a painting. Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator.

Yes, you can be an artist without knowing how to hold a paintbrush. You are an artist whether you design a piece of jewelry; create pots, jars and vases with clay, wood or something else. And, guess what, you can also make a living out of your craft by setting up a business within the very comfort of your home. All you need is passion for your work, and a strong belief that you can pull it off. Once you have that you can then find someone to create a business plan for you and sell to customers on your behalf.

By now, you know that people love what you are making and they are ready to spend. Now it depends on you to see how you can automate things without compromising the product quality so as to produce more in less time. If you have never sold a product before, it’s a good idea to start by putting up stalls in various events in or around your locality to introduce your product to people.

You can also display your work at online stores like ebay and amazon but if your piece has high demand, I would advise you develop your own online store. A home office is a workable solution whether you are just starting out or are an established business. The idea may sound like fun, but it takes a lot of effort, discipline and time to create a workplace within your home that allows you to produce the best possible work and get money for it.

However, once you see that your business is generating bigger revenue and requires more employees, then moving into a small office can always be an option.

Your Turn

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Andrea Bell

Freelance Writer

Andrea Bell is a Freelance writer and a content contributor at, which provides angularJS and big data hadoop training. She writes mostly on technology and health related stuff. Live simply, give generously and a sports lover. Find her on twitter @IM_AndreaBell.

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