Using A Life Calendar To Get Organized

When I am disorganized, I find it impossible to be productive — I end up spending too much time focused on the things that are not the most important. To make sure that I’m attending to the right things in the right order, I have to have a single, consolidated view of everything going on in my life — a life calendar. Because my life calendar lets me see all things in relation to each other, it allows me to maximize my productivity.

What’s in my life calendar

My life calendar shows me a timeline view of all the date-oriented things I manage in my life, including my:

  • tasks
  • projects
  • shopping lists
  • events I am hosting
  • events I plan to attend
  • trips
  • visitors
  • bills I need to pay
  • reminders
  • appointments
  • notes tagged by date

Conveniently, I can use LifeTopix to keep track of all of this via My Calendar to give me the timeline view I so desperately need. In addition, the My Calendar component of LifeTopix seamlessly integrates with my device Calendars to ensure that I have the most complete view of everything.

How I use My Calendar

There are two types of items I need to add to my calendar:

  1. items whose date and time are fixed, so I know exactly where I need to add them to my calendar
  2. items whose date and time are not fixed, so I need to fit them in around all the other things already in my calendar based on their relative priority

For example, when my mom calls to tell me that she is coming to visit on May 25th, I know I need to create that visitor entry on that date. To do this in My Calendar, I go to that date (May 25th), tap +, select Visitor from the Quick Add menu, and enter the details for my mom’s trip.

Visit from Mom

When my wife asks me to clean out the garage, I know (or at least I think!) I have some flexibility on that and it does not need to be done at a specific time. By consulting the timeline view in My Calendar, I can see what other important items I have in my calendar that I need to work around.

My Calendar timeline view

Luckily for me, on my device I subscribe to a calendar (the process of which was described in an earlier post) which shows me the dates and times of the Manchester United football games. That way, I can schedule my garage cleaning task at a time that won’t cause me to miss some exciting sports.

My Calendar

Ever since I started using LifeTopix to gain a timeline view of all my activities, my productivity has increased dramatically. The only downside to that is that my wife now gives me more chores than ever!

4 replies
  1. Deborah says:

    Hi, I love this app however I need to have the financial piece like Mint. Why would I spend all that time entering all the data when I cannot connect to any live information? I would really like to understand this part. Thank- you it is a great product!

    • LifeTopix Support says:

      Hi Deborah,

      We do plan to integrate with one of the established financial management platforms. In fact, we are investigating that right now in hopes that we will be able to incorporate that capability into LifeTopix soon.

      Best regards,
      Team LightArrow.

      • Kim says:

        Are you looking into if this is possible with Quicken? That would be great and would render my laptop useless to me over my iPad 🙂

        • LightArrow says:

          Hi Kim,
          We are looking at ways to do that. You are right – the iPad is quickly replacing the laptop for more and more things, and we hope to assist with that! 🙂
          Best regards,
          Team LightArrow


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