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Video Blog: Raise Your Productivity to a Whole New Level

LightAr­row believes in pro­vid­ing solu­tions that nat­u­rally sup­port the way peo­ple think about the infor­ma­tion in their lives — that’s why we’ve cre­ated LifeTopix.

“Every once in a while a prod­uct comes along that raises your pro­duc­tiv­ity to a whole new level. And so it is with Life­Topix.”

To learn more, watch our video. Enjoy!


Life­Topix is a com­plete pro­duc­tiv­ity app for per­sonal orga­ni­za­tion. Man­age your cal­en­dar, tasks/to-dos, projects, notes, files, shop­ping, finances, house­hold ser­vices, peo­ple, assets, events, travel, edu­ca­tion, health and much more — with a 9-view dash­board, cus­tomiz­able cat­e­gories and con­text tags. It works seam­lessly with pop­u­lar online pro­duc­tiv­ity tools such as Drop­box, Google Docs/Drive, Ever­note, Too­dledo, and other best-in-class applications.

You can find Life­Topix at the App Store.

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