Being A Successful Weekend Warrior

The “9-to-5 job” has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Now, the demands of a career often require working more than just 8 hours a day. And if you are a parent, it gets even tougher to juggle all the necessities during the work week — jobs, daycare, schooling, shopping, doctors visits, after school sports, music lessons, etc. More and more people are finding that their entire week is consumed and there is almost no time left for things like socializing with family and friends or catching up on the chores that accumulate like home and car maintenance. We are all so busy, there’s even less and less time left for sleep.

As a result, all the stuff that doesn’t get done during the week gets shifted to the weekend. Here are some things you can do to make yourself a more successful weekend warrior:

First, keep track of all the things you need to get done as you become aware of them. Your car’s Maintenance light doesn’t often come on while you’re driving by your mechanic and right when you have enough free time to pull in and have them do the work, for example. Having a handy list of the things you need to get done will allow you to spend less time trying to remember them and more time actually getting stuff done.

Second, develop a plan. So that you don’t end up bouncing back and forth between things you need to do or, even worse, working on things that are less important than others, prioritize all the things you need to get done starting with the things that are critical and must get done this weekend. If it’s April 14th and you have to choose between finishing your taxes and weeding the lawn, finishing your taxes should come first, for example.

Third, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get done as much as you had hoped. Your list should be lengthy in case you get more accomplished than you expected, or in case you end up not being able to work on something for an unexpected reason, but you should set a realistic expectation as to how much you can do in the time that you have to do it.

Above all, keep your cool. You may lose a battle here or there, but if you get organized and stay focused, you will win the war.

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