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Do you love to write? If you’re a productivity or LightArrow app enthusiast – especially with experience in Small Business, Real Estate, Property Management, Freelancing, Parenting, Contracting, CRM, Recruiting, Media, or Direct Sales, we invite you to submit a guest post for us.


We’re looking for articles written about your experiences with LifeTopix or other LightArrow apps and how our apps have changed your life. We’re also looking for non-promotional articles about Small Business, Real Estate, Property Management, Freelancing, Parenting, Contracting, CRM, Recruiting, Media, or Direct Sales.


  • Contribution is voluntary; however we make exceptions for those with a very significant, engaged social media and blog following.
  • Contributors must have an engaged social media and/or blog audience and have a history of writing great content. Please send a link to your blog or other samples of your work. Exception – those who write great stories about our apps will be considered without a social media/blog following.
  • Links back to contributor’s site will be limited to the biography. Our focus is great content for our audience, not link building. Content written for SEO purposes only will not be accepted.
  • Articles must be unique (not published elsewhere) and high quality. They must be free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Please include a biography and photograph (or link to photograph).
  • We reserve the right to edit your post for spelling, grammar and readability.
  • Please keep content to fewer than 1000 words. Between 400 – 600 words is ideal.
  • You have the right to copyright your article; however, LightArrrow retains the right to publish and share it. If you provide images, ensure that you have a license to use the image or provide proper attribution.
  • You must provide content in Google Docs, Pages, text or Microsoft Word format.
  • You must be located within the United States.


Submit a guest article/post by emailing your article, along with your byline to marketing [at] lightarrow.com. Please share your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram profile. If you prefer, send an email prior to pitch your story. Please make the subject of your email: LightArrow Guest Contribution.

Marilyn Rogers

Marilyn Rogers

Marketing Director

Marilyn is the Marketing Director at LightArrow, Inc., the makers of LightArrow Organizer, a complete productivity app and organizer available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. She is a regular contributor to the LightArrow Blog, which is a blog dedicated to sharing tips and tricks about LightArrow products, small business, personal productivity, time management, organization, and getting things done.

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